The 5 Best DIY Backyard Renovations

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Want to create a space that will make your neighbors have backyard envy? Outdoor living spaces are all the rage, and they can be a great way to transform your exterior and make your home feel even more spacious. Creating an outdoor oasis starts with assessing your current yard and identifying its strengths. Maybe it has great natural grass growth or an ideal layout. Choose some focal points to structure your next renovations around. This will help your DIY projects feel more intentional and prevent your yard from becoming overwhelmed by any design changes you make.

Backyard renovations -backyard envy

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Build a Garden Shed

Do you have tools, furniture and unused items cluttering up a corner in your yard? Say goodbye to mess and infuse your yard with some style by constructing your own gardening shed. This is the perfect place to store tools, firewood and seasonal items without taking up more space in the house. You can easily craft your shed to suit the style of your home's exterior. If you want to use the shed for something else, it can also be converted into a small personal workshop or art studio.

Create a Gazebo

Whether you like to head out back to grill or read in the sun, a hand-made gazebo can offer shade and additional amenities. Consider adding built-in seating and mood lighting. If you have a green thumb, you can even introduce some vertical-growing plants and ivy to wrap around the wood. You can also consider installing your gazebo on your deck or patio to create additional shade and enhance your décor. This is sure to create some backyard envy!

Build a Fountain

outdoor fountain

Running fountains create a deep sense of tranquility and oneness with the surrounding nature. Backyard water features can be scaled to suit any size and style, and they are all low maintenance. Simple stone and gravel can be assembled next to a garden or be used as an accent to a seating area. You will have to dig a reservoir and ensure there is adequate drainage to prevent flooding or structural damage. If you don't have moderate DIY skills, you might want to reach out to a professional landscaper and have them assemble the base for you. Afterward, you can lay the stones yourself and decorate the surrounding area.

Craft an Outdoor Bar

Enrich your outdoor dining experience with the installation of your own outdoor bar. You can go for something natural in woods and stone or integrate a more luxurious design with fun tilework for a resort-style feel. A built-in, temperature-controlled wine cooler can keep your summer bar fully stocked and always ready for company. This is also an ideal space to add a pergola or gazebo draped with a billowy canopy or hanging wisteria flowers.

Build an Outdoor Kitchen

When you have guests over often, dining in an open environment with them allows you to show off some of the more delicate touches of your backyard that might otherwise have gone unnoticed if you didn't have an outdoor kitchen. Suppose you're considering an outdoor kitchen. In that case, you can choose from brands such as Grillnetics or Bull Outdoor Kitchen, which are both established brands with their advantages and disadvantages, respectively. So when it comes to comparing Grillnetics and Bull, it is a matter of what product works best for your project and budget. With good conversation and delicious food and drinks, outdoor dining is a great way to spend time with friends and family.]

Plant an Orchard

Create your own mini citrus orchard by planting some lemon or orange trees in your backyard. Enjoy fresh-squeezed juices in all your recipes as well as the eye-catching look of the bright fruits during the spring and summer. These plants are also low maintenance, so they're a great way to add a statement piece to your backyard without having a strong knowledge of gardening or landscaping.

We hope these tips will help you create an amazing space this summer for your family that will also creat some backyard envy for all those who visit.

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