Oklahoma Pastry Cloth: Canning Butter!

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Canning Butter …. Oh Yes You Can!

Canning butter with Oklahoma Pastry Cloth

Canning Butter – Who'd of Thought?

When Mary Beth emailed me awhile back about canning Velveeta cheese I thought that was pretty good.  Well, now she's moved on to canning real butter and it looks yummy!  Nothing like spreading real butter on fresh baked bread!

Canning food is becoming a lost art and it's a shame.  I remember watching my grandma make and can jelly, tomatoes and chow-chow.  I  even canned tomatoes from my garden years ago but haven't done it since.  Canning not only saves you big on groceries but canned food requires no refrigeration until opened so if your electricity goes off for several days you've still got food that won't spoil!

Head on over to Oklahoma Pastry Cloth and let Mary Beth show you how easy it is!

Next Up …… Canning Bacon Made Easy by Oklahoma Pastry Cloth!

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