Canning Bacon Made Easy by Oklahoma Pastry Cloth!

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Canning Bacon Made Easy!

canning bacon with Oklahoma Pastry Cloth

Canning Bacon With Oklahoma Pastry Cloth!

Wanna know what to do with all that awesome bacon you scored on sale? Can it!!  Mary Beth over at Oklahoma Pastry Cloth cans bacon all the time and it works great!

She cans everything – butter, ground beef, baby food, drinks. You name it and she can probably can it! I always say that if her electricity ever goes out she won't have to worry about ruined food in the fridge, most of it's in jars LOL!

Canned bacon works great for camping, no packs floating around in the melted ice of your cooler and no worries about having to keep it cold.

Visit The Oklahoma Pastry Cloth and see how to can bacon step by step. While you're there, check out her site for instructions on how to bake bread, make jelly and other lost arts of the kitchen.  Mary Beth is also available to teach FREE canning and baking classes.  Just contact her on her website about setting up a class for your group!

CLICK this link to see instructions for canning bacon.

Next Up … Oklahoma Pastry Cloth: Canning Grapefruit!

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