The Muppets: Interview with Kermit the Frog

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I thought it only fitting with the new Muppet Movie coming out that I share my interview I did with Kermit the Frog at Disney last year. Kermit was such a gentleman in taking time to speak with me and answer some of my questions. He even mentioned that Miss piggy visits our blog LOL. I thought all you muppet fans would get a kick out of this video. Kermit is a simple frog who says , shall I quote : I like being Froggle. Keep an eye out on kermits new styling headphones and adidas shoes!

Miss Piggy even started her own fashion line and I am literally freaking out over her new pink glitter shoes. You all know how much I love pink and it goes with the Consumer Queen theme. Hey Miss Piggy can you send over a size 6 1/2 LOL? Imagine me walking into the next blogger party in those.Maybe I can get an interview with the other muppets some day like Miss Piggy!

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