4 Indoor Succulents That You Must Have

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It is always a nice view when our home has plenty of plants. Aside from the health benefits we can get from a beautiful plant, it also adds to the on-trend aesthetic look we want to achieve. Succulent plants have different varieties and unique leaf designs and can give an elegant look to any space. Succulents are ideal for those who are forgetful about maintaining their plant collections. They do not require the owner's full attention or even regular watering. Some succulent plants need direct light from the sun, while others are fine with filtered or lower amounts of sunlight. See these popular options!

Indoor Succulents

The Perfect Succulents

Are you familiar with Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, also known as the ZZ Plant? The method of ZZ plant care is about the same as other succulent varieties. Succulents are perfect for those who want an indoor displayable plant in their living room or other main areas of the home.

As long as they are getting enough light, it does not matter where you position your elegant succulents. If they don't get enough light, you must plan to place them in direct sun rays. Indoor succulent plants have been a trend on social media right now. Many celebrities add succulents as their home decorations because of their elegant look and because they add a fresh look to the house. We all know succulents come in different varieties, with different kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. Some produce flowers, and some do not. Overall, their drought tolerance is what makes the succulents the best indoor plants.


These echeveria types of succulent plants produce small flowers in summer and spring. It produces a flower with a rosette-like appearance and looks like a tiny water lily with colorful leaves. The leaves of echeveria come in different varieties like deep purple, jade green, pale blue-green, and pink.

Echeverias are elegant succulents you can place in the living room or on the center table. This echeveria is a low-maintenance indoor plant. In addition, it produces a lantern-shaped flower and comes in red, pink, and orange colors. You can also add echeveria to your succulent garden outside. Do not overwater your echeveria to prevent the leaves from drying up or shrinking.


This crassula is one of the unbreakable succulent plants and is perfect for your indoor garden. The Money Tree (or Friendship Tree) is the most popular plant in this group of Crassula Ovata. It produces a fleshy oval stem and green leaves with a thin red border on edge. Crassula is considered one of the easy-going succulent plants– perfect for your indoor space as Crassula is a very slow-growing plant. Crassula comes in smaller and larger varieties.


Pachyphytum has the most stand-out leaves among all the succulents. These round leaves resemble moonstones that look like coated sugar almonds. This color combination of pink and purple looks like a precious gem. Your home will be more elegant and stunning, especially when paired with a form of rosettes and a silvery blue color. It is a perfect indoor displayable succulent. It also produces flowers that will appear between the leaves.

Extra care is the only requirement for this succulent type because it is prone to deformity when touched. All varieties of succulents have different care guidelines, but they are all the similar in light consumption. Dim dim and low light won't work for this type of succulent plant.

Indoor Succulents Haworthia


This Haworthia has small and spiky leaves and looks like a tiny version of Aloe Vera. One of the most popular succulents to put on display on a center table is the Haworthia plant. It can also be displayed on shelves because of its features that look like a zebra plant with bright white stripes and dark green leaves. It also produces flowers in summer as something to look forward to as you care for it throughout the year. Many people love this Haworthia because of its spikes and color combination.

In General

There are many indoor succulents that you can choose from, according to your preference. Although knowing a little about the varieties of succulent plants is helpful, you can choose from many readily available plants to perfect your space without being an expert. In addition, caring for plants can be a fun hobby for yourself or the family. Head over to the garden center or order one online! The hardest part may be choosing which variety you love the most!

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