5 Online Vegetable Gardening Planners

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Planning a garden isn't just for the super-organized! Vegetable Garden Planners can keep you on track for when to care for your garden. This can maximize its benefits- and even harvest!

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What is a Vegetable Garden Planner?

In short, a Vegetable Garden Planner is an organized way of keeping up with your garden. From the planting phase — deciding where and what to plant– to the harvest, it can keep you on schedule and give your garden the care it needs on time.

I have fairly good organizational skills in general, but sometimes keeping everything running with our garden is a little much! I also balance work and taking care of home and family.

And of course, there are plants which do not tolerate being forgotten for a day or two!

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What to Look for in a Gardening Planner

When to Start Seeds – Main Season and Extras

If you're newer to gardening, it's key to know when to plant according to your climate and location.

Even smaller details like shade vs. sun-loving plants can be organized so you will have a clear starting point for your garden.

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It can be very overwhelming standing in the store trying to decide which seeds to buy! That doesn't have to be the case with planning ahead.

What to Order and Buy

Going in with a good list, a budget, and what you want out of your garden will help you avoid costly mistakes.

We all know the jokes about hobbies- you end up spending more money than if you were to just go out and buy the finished product!

Well, this doesn't have to be the case with gardening. You can start a garden as frugally as possible, or by investing a little more. With the proper care you can end up having awesome results if you're being careful!

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On the flip side, your garden can end up costing a lot of money with little or no produce if it's poorly planned or not budgeted well at the start.

Be aware of money pits like overpriced seed kits, unnecessary garden features, or plants that look tempting but don't grow well in your area of the country.

By using a garden planner you can easily see how much you're spending as you go. This helps me avoid pitfalls of splurging and spending too much in the spring!

Cost of Seeds and Plants

Seeds are in general pretty inexpensive, but the price points of plants are all over the place. Use your gardening planner to keep track of what you spend- and you an also compare.

Gardening Mistakes

If you're at larger stores like Walmart, Lowe's and Home Depot, jot down the prices of plants you're thinking about.

You can compare to your local nursery and save yourself several trips for plants–and of course extra money out of pocket.

Detailed Journaling

Look for a planner that allows you to make yourself notes on plants. You might want to remember certain dates of plant food, natural fertilizer, pest control and more.

Journaling or checking off daily chores like watering and composting can help you if you are forgetful (like I can be)!

Gardening Design

Grab some colored pencils and get to planning, or sketch out your plan on the computer desktop! This is actually a really fun process each spring for us.

You can draw a bird's eye view sketch of your yard and plan where and what is going in.

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Be sure to grab a measuring tape and add the dimensions of your yard if you're thinking about adding a large planter or making one yourself. Check out our post here on our DIY raised flower beds!

Important Information to Remember

I sometimes save those little tabs that come in plants I'm not familiar with. You can add these these to your planner or just make yourself a few notes!

It will save you time later from looking things up online, or just guessing!

Goals and Project Planning

Finally, you can use your planner for DIY's and future goals for the garden. We have a few big projects going, which we can't wait to share right here on Consumer Queen!

In the mean time, I'm adding a few notes here and there on what we want for our garden. Even with a lot going on, it keeps the process from becoming overwhelming- and of course too expensive!

5 Online Vegetable Gardening Planners to Check Out

Be sure you find a planner that fits your style. Here are a few I found that look great!

Garden Planner

On Paper Planners:

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Garden Journal, Planner & Log Book with Red Truck $7.99 

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