Allume, The Ultraviolet Light Wand, Keeps Homes Cleaner without Scrubbing

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Introducing Allume, The Ultraviolet Light Wand, Keeps Homes Cleaner without Scrubbing. This post was sponsored by Allume.


There’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of a just-cleaned home. 

There’s only one problem. Achieving that lemony-fresh glow takes a ton of work, none of which is enjoyable. And, as soon as the kids plow through the front door, you’re back to square one. 

There’s got to be a better way, right? If we can put a man on the moon, there must be an update to the millennia-old technology of “rag” and “mop.”

Finally, the wait is over. Using ultraviolet light to disinfect and sterilize surfaces is becoming popular in homes thanks to new hand-held UV-light wands like Allume. 

Cleaning with Allume is as easy as pointing a flashlight at a surface and eliminating 99.99% of germs. It’s 100% natural, safe, chemical-free, and requires NO scrubbing. 

Allume has made cleaning MUCH easier, and it’s giving us peace of mind during the pandemic. UV light has been recommended by the CDC and Columbia University researchers as an effective way to kill COVID-19.

Check out Allume now at violethealthcare.com. If you order soon, you can still take advantage of Black Friday pricing at nearly 60% off. 

Allume has made a huge difference in the cleaning routine in our home. Here’s why.

Scrub-Free Cleaning

Imagine if you could spend 75% less time mopping, wiping, scrubbing, and scouring each month. That’s what life is like with Allume. 

The only time you need to scrub is when there is visible grime covering a surface. Allume takes care of everything else. 

With a quick pass of UV light, you can render almost any surface completely free of bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, allergens, and other harmful microbes. 


How does it work? 

Allume contains 16 UV-C light bulbs that shine ultraviolet radiation. All you have to do is pass Allume over the surfaces you want to disinfect, and it will be sterilized in seconds. 

Allume shines the same type of radiation that comes from the sun and gives you a tan at the beach. 

Humans can withstand UV light to a certain degree (until we get sunburnt!), but microbes cannot. In just a few seconds, they’re completely inactivated or destroyed, rendering any surface completely sterile.

That’s why UV light has been a popular disinfectant in hospitals and industrial settings for years.

Now, engineers have figured out how to affordably bring UV-light disinfection into the home with tools like Allume. 

With Allume, you will never have to scrub or mop again just to ensure your home is germ-free. Allume does the work safely and efficiently in seconds. 

It Kills 99.99% of Germs

UV light is one of the most effective ways to eliminate germs naturally. It’s the same natural radiation that comes from the sun, so it’s carbon neutral and chemical-free. And, it’s even more effective than most polluting and toxic cleaners. 

Allume kills 99.99% of germs in your home, and this technology couldn’t have come at a better time.

With COVID-19 spiking around the globe, it’s good to know that when you clean a doorknob, railing, bathroom, or counter with Allume, it really is COVID-free. 

Allume kills other types of harmful microbes too, from bacteria to mold, so you can use it anywhere that germs hide, including:

  • Mail and packages
  • Fresh produce
  • Phones and computers
  • Doorknobs and railings
  • Towels and shoes
  • Toys 
  • Hygiene accessories
  • Much more…

Imagine being able to clean your kitchen counters, disinfect your toothbrushes, and eliminate odors from shoes and socks all with the same device—and all within 10 minutes. That’s the power of Allume. 

It’s Safe

Bringing concentrated UV light into the home may seem a bit risky. And it’s true, UV light can be harmful if flashed in the eyes or with prolonged exposure to the skin. But the risks are MUCH lower than those of keeping toxic chemical cleaners around the house (especially in homes with young children).

Luckily, Allume comes with safety features to keep you and your family far from any UV radiation. 

Allume folds shut, hiding its UV bulbs. This ensures that the lights cannot be turned on accidentally. The wand also has a childproof switch to prevent little ones from trying to play with it. 

To protect you as you use the wand, Allume contains a gravity sensor that detects the position of the lights. If the wand turns in the direction of your face or body, the lights will automatically shut off. 

It’s nearly impossible to be exposed to UV light using Allume, making it a great replacement for toxic cleaners and bacteria-covered sponges and rags. 

It Goes Anywhere

Allume isn’t just an ideal cleaning tool for the home. It’s also wireless and portable. Allume contains a lithium-ion battery, so it charges like your phone and lasts for about 5-6 hours per charge. You can even use your phone charger to power it up! 

The wand is about the size of a typical flashlight, so you can easily keep it in a bag or purse.

This makes life so much easier when going shopping or picking up the kids. These days, you can’t take any chances with germs.

Now, we can sterilize bus seats, door handles, public restrooms, elevator buttons, and more every time we go out. 

Allume makes shopping so much less stressful, I can shine it on the items before I pick them up and know I’m not getting exposed to COVID-19. 

We take it everywhere.

Stop Scrubbing and Get Allume Now

Cleaning with Allume is a massive upgrade to our lifestyle, and it couldn’t have come a moment sooner. It’s easy to use and scrub-free, it’s 100% natural, it’s safer than toxic chemical cleaners, and it cleans SO much more than sprays and wipes ever could. 

If you want to say goodbye to scrubbing, you have to get Allume now. 

There’s good news. Violet Healthcare, the manufacturer of Allume, has reduced the price of the UV wand by 50% to help families during the pandemic. And if you order in time, you can get an additional $20 off during the Black Friday sale. That’s nearly 60% off the retail price, making Allume about the same price as the chemical cleaners you currently have under your sink. 

Learn more about UV light disinfecting and get your Allume now. Don’t wait to say goodbye to scrubbing forever! 

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