Blue Bedroom Wallpaper: 10 Interior Design Ideas for Blue Bedrooms

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Blue bedroom wallpaper decor ideas - bed and pillows

Designing a blue bedroom can seem easy at first because it is a popular color choice. With the right shade of blue, an individual can bring a classy, sweet, or cozy feel to their room. However, with so many choices, it can seem overwhelming! Since many styles can go well with the blue bedroom, many tend to combine different themed furniture. This may not be the look you're going for! See these style tips for a blue or a blue-gray color scheme.

The best way for anyone to start is by envisioning your dream look. Instead of choosing everything they think would look good, picking a distinct look can drastically improve their room's interior design. Here are ten tips on how to decorate a blue bedroom.

Go Retro but Chic

Muted blue prints can bring a new perspective to bedrooms. Wallpaper prints in light blues Oor even white and navy blue can set the tone of the room. One of the best ways on how to complete a room with wallpaper or an accent wall is by pairing it with a metal décor or two. White and greys are tones that can also help balance the look. Go big by getting a blue topic/print wallpaper or make it the shade and texture for a standout décor like a dresser or a bedframe. With designs trending around wall paper, you can actually choose furniture with a modern design to balance out the “traditional” look of the stick wallpaper.

Pair Blues and Whites

One of the most classic interior design ideas is the traditional blue and white combination. No matter what the shade of blue is, pairing it with white can never go wrong. Bedsheets, curtains, or rugs can be in white while other decors can go blue – or vice-versa. If the entire room is painted white, use strong colors in furniture, rugs or bedding. These might be midnight blues, deep blue, or royal blue. These bold choice furniture pieces look great against a neutral background.

Play with different shades of blue. Choose to use different patterns to add a twist to this classic. Either use a contemporary wallpaper or printed designs on several pieces of home décor can be mixed and matched. If a secondary color palette is needed, use cream and light beige tones. One thing I've noticed in studying homed decor lately is that a lot of people are getting away from the “rustic” looks that are popular and going for a different feel. Remember, if you do not care for the rustic or farmhouse look, go for what's true to your own style. This can be a more modern room feel, or an eclectic or bohemian look. If you love color, strong additions of color in the family room, living room, or primary bedroom will have your feeling more at home in your space.

Blue bedroom wallpaper decor ideas - bed and light bed frame

Get A Floral Wallpaper Decoration

Floral patterns on both walls and furniture pieces can add a hint of sweetness without being overwhelming. The wallpaper decoration can either be the bedroom's focal or supporting look. Depending on the overall look of the room, individuals can opt for either vivid or simpler prints. With the right floral pattern, it is possible to go for a regency or a sweet theme. Remember for unique patterns such as blue geometric wallpaper or strong floral blue wallpaper designs, these may be more specific to y our own decorating taste. If you are selling your home soon or plan to leave, keep things simple with muted bedroom wallpapers or even a neutral color blue, gray, or off-white paint color.

Choose Navy Tones for a Classy Touch

In the world of interior design, navy shades can create a timeless and classic look. Individuals can use either a solid navy color or a navy wallpaper decoration. Pair with lighter colors to balance out the darker navy shade. Choose grey, white, and other neutral shades as the color of the furniture, beddings, and frames. Printed home décor with a zebra or leopard print can add more dimension to the bedroom's appearance.

Blue bedroom wallpaper decor ideas - bed and crystal chandelier

Get Glamourous

While blue bedrooms usually go for more subdued themes, it is possible to go glamour. One can do this by using a glamourous wallpaper decoration print. They can also make key decors in the room pop out with turquoise tones – like with their bedframes or bed covers. Use a metallic floral peel paper for built-in drawer accents, or built in shelving. You can add a crystal chandelier to balance out the deeper colors of blue bedding or royal blue/ blue velvet furniture and accessories.

Pairing the turquoise with metallic accents can also make it look more expensive. A chandelier is an optional home decor, but it can complete the theme. When doing this, individuals should remember that it is not necessary to pick out expensive furniture for a glamourous look. Instead, they should look for classy pieces that come at more affordable prices. Wayfair has some great dreamy feel lighting options that you can use to add to this look in just about any room of the house.

Make a Standout Statement Look with a Wall Mural or Blue Bedroom Wallpaper

If you're looking for a very different and unique pattern, you can optionally use a wall mural to add a creative touch to the bedroom. Depending on how big the mural is, it can be the room's focal point. For this interior design idea, beaches, forests, and trees, or flowers can be great mural ideas. 

The main mural can either be painted with a solid blue base. If preferred, the painting can be outlined in blue instead – with either white, grey, or cream as the base. Depending on the intensity of the wall artwork, one can complete the look with neutral – greys, whites, and beiges – or colorful – reds and oranges – pieces of décor.

Add Touches of Brown Tones

Like the white and blue combination, the blue and brown pair is also a popular interior design idea. Rich, dark brown will always look good with any shade of blue. This is a great combination that can amp up the sophistication of the bedroom.

Brown shades do not stand out on their own, but they can help make the blue tones pop out. People can use brown colors for their flooring, vanity sets, dressers, or frames. If possible, individuals can also go for wooden furniture to make their bedroom appear even classier. Our tips for using brown against any blue hue is to focus on accenting. Browns in home decor items can pull in a lot of light. If you combine this with a smaller bedroom or one without much natural light, you may end up with an outdated look. Try lighter wood shades such as birch, light oaks and even white-washed or gray-washed finishes. This will give a great brown background to combine with your blue shades.

Go For Warm and Cozy with Pastels Against Blue Bedroom Wallpaper

A pastel blue bedroom is a simple and pretty interior design idea. When going for pastels, individuals should opt for blue tones with green tints. It can provide a warm and relaxing mood for their room.

To make sure that the room does not look washed out, they should add some hints of color – reds, violets, and oranges – but only sparingly. Our favorite blue-green wall color is Sherwin Williams Sea Salt. If you are looking up home design ideas, search rooms with this wall color. It's a wonderful shade that will look different at different times of day or different lighting!

Bring the Beach to the Bedroom

With a blue bedroom, it is easy to go for a beach theme. Since blue is associated with oceans and waves, individuals can easily go for this look. You can choose themed furniture – like rugs, bedroom covers, and curtains. A popular idea is also mixing in sea glass green, navy, and turquoise shades to give the bedroom some dimension. While you can definitely go overboard with the beachy theme– this was popular in the late 2000's– small accents will create a comfortable retreat. White home decorations and furniture should also be considered. They can help balance out the different shades of blue.

Get an Accent Wallpaper Decoration

It is also possible to make the walls the highlight of your bedroom. One way to do this is by getting an accent wallpaper decoration. A dark blue shade – like turquoise or navy – can serve as the base, and the prints can come in metallic tones. To help complement this look, one can add whites and browns to their dressers, beddings, and bed frames. Since the Blue Bedroom wallpaper is an accent wallpaper, it will be the primary point of this look, be careful not use clashing prints on their furniture. Instead, you can find patterns similar to the wallpaper and use them for pillows, sheets or bedding!

Thanks for reading!

I hope this post inspires you with a few décor ideas if you're going for a blue paint color or have blue furniture to match. It's not the easiest color to decorate with, but it may be your favorite room of the house after you compliment it according to your own style and taste. Be sure to see more home and lifestyle posts at links below!

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