Slice Box Opener: The Multi-Purpose Tool Essential For Your Next Move

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Having college age kids means lots of moves over the years. If you are just starting out in your career, or you're a parent– like me– who has family in this stage of life, you are probably agreeing right now! Apartments, condos and dorm rooms are usually short term, so you end up moving in and out quite a few times in a 5 to 10 year time frame. Having good tools, organization, and a plan are game-changers for moving quickly without too much of a headache.

Slice safety blade being used to cut paper

Slice Box Opener

One thing we always start looking for when planning a move is free boxes. After they are packed, taped and moved to the new place, the box opener can be an afterthought. Anyone else ruin a few good pens and pairs of scissors opening multiple boxes?! If you're moving across the country, this is even more true. Well taped boxes can be such a pain to open and get organized. We are excited to share the Box Openers from Slice, which offers a unique style and safety blade.

Slice box opener product line being featured to do a craft

What's different about Slice Box Openers? The first thing you will notice is the handle. Unlike the typical home improvement store ones or off brand openers, these have a rounded handle that allows you to get a solid grip on the opener. I have always struggled getting a safe but secure grip on those regular ones. As we adults know, this tool is one of the ones you need to be the most careful with, to avoid accidents and injury.

Unique Safety Blade

The Slice Safety blade is unique because of its special grinding process. They are made of Zirconium oxide blades (ceramic blades). What makes Slice safety blades different is their patent pending safety edge, rather than the material. You can check out how to use these box openers on their website or YouTube instructional videos. The safety edge features a micro edge as the actual cutting zone, rather than the primary edge being the cutting zone as traditional box openers work.

Slice box opener blade displayed

The sharpness of your box cutter can also factor in. As we've all heard over the years, work safety experts say to never use a dull blade. This is due to the fact you need more pressure on the surface for a dull blade to work. With the Slice brand safety blade, the ceramic material stays sharp longer and allows you to avoid a dull blade for longer. The Zirconium oxide safety blade may last up to 11 times longer than traditional metal box openers.

Important questions you may be wondering are, can anyone use these safety blades? While these box openers are designed with several safety features, they are still meant for adult use only and with proper technique. Be sure to look over the instruction guides prior to using them for your next project or move.

Slice box opener being used to carve pumpkin

We hope this post has been informative and given some insight on this great option for a box opener. If you're needing a Father's Day gift and are looking at new and unique tools to add to his tool collection, definitely check them out!

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