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I Met Captain America Chris Evans #IronMan3Event

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Captain America

I can finally reveal my secret! Yes….. I met Captain America Chris Evans. This was all part of the Iron Man 3 Red Carpet Event that I attended back in April. Thought my picture with the Captain America Shield was cool? Well ladies this photo of Chris Evans is H-O-T! As soon as I showed my 17 year old daughter this pic she said and I quote: ” Did you really get to meet him? Wait,  you are just tricking me. Did Marshall photo shop him in? Is that a cardboard cutout?” No, honey that is really him.

It was an interesting day to see the least. Chris was amazingly sweet to take time out to speak with us and take a photo.  This has been the first time I had ever been on the set of a movie while it was being filmed. I have a new found respect for actors now. Watching them rehearse over and over and over. It was great to see that they are human too. Cracking jokes at each other when they mess up and never once complaining no matter how many takes it took. I even remember Scarlett saying “This is the 12th movie with Chris, we're making memories together.” Even more amazing is they actually let us walk up inside of the actual ship ( the Quinjet) they were filming in. Now THAT was pretty cool. This is definitely a once in a life time opportunity and I am so honored that Disney chose to pick me to be a part of this experience. Most of you who follow me on social media, know that my husband and I are movie freaks. We have an ongoing standing date night every single Friday night at the movies. So for me this was even more special. I will have to say that the Daniel was pretty jealous though! Advance tickets go on sale today!

Check out these exclusive photos from our trip.

Chris & Scarlett


Captain America 2


Frank Grillo


Russo Bros & Chris

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