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Explore Wild Africa Trek at Animal Kingdom

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Wild Africa Trek Bridge Closeup

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Being an animal lover, Animal Kingdom has always been one of my favorite parks. The park has some awesome rides such as Expedition Everest as well chance to get to see some awesome animals. I have been to Animal Kingdom several times and every time I go, I see something new. During my #MonkeyKingdomEvent trip I got the chance to check out Animal Kingdom's Wild Africa Trek. The Wild Africa Trek takes small groups on a guided hike with animal experts into some of the undeveloped areas of the “Harambe Reserve” of the Kilimanjaro Safari.  You will experience up close views of Africa's wildest animals, clip into a harness, allowing you to step to a cliff's edge and see the hippos and crocs below! I loved being harnessed in, walking across a rope bridge and seeing crocodiles swimming below.

Wild Africa Trek Amy

They took us along some private trails to some behind the scenes area where we were harnessed in and walked write up to some cliffs where we could look over and get a closer look at the animals and watch as the trainers fed them and give some interesting animal facts.

Wild Africa Trek rope bridge

I love the fact that we didn't even have to bring our own camera because they took lots of photos of us and the all pictures were included in the price. I was able to focus more on enjoying my excursion then trying to take pictures to capture the memories.

Wild Africa Trek Drive

At the end of the trails we took the harnesses off and got into a special vehicle to explore the rest of the Savannah where we were able to actually stop and take amazing photos of the animals and pose with animals in the background. The tour concludes with a “Taste of Africa” experience where guests can continue to view animals from a special private safari camp above the savanna. For lunch we were able to sit in an area overlooking the savannah and watch the animals roam around. We were even provided binoculars to get a close up look. The African inspired lunch provided was awesome and I love that fact that they are allergy friendly and that they will allow you to make those types of request. Disney is so accommodating.

Wild Africa Trek Lunch

Sample Menu


  • Air-dried beef and prosciutto
  • Smoked salmon roulade with dill
  • Fig cake with Boursin cheese
  • Brie cheese and apricot
  • Berry yogurt and dried cranberries
  • Fresh fruit marinated in mint and ginger


  • Chicken curry salad
  • Sun-dried tomato hummus and mini pita
  • Marinated tandoori shrimp
  • Smoked salmon roulade with dill
  • Air-dried beef and prosciutto
  • Fresh fruit marinated in mint and ginger

Please note: Menu items are subject to change without notice.

Wild Africa Trek VIP

 They also serve As part of the tour we were provided a souvenir stainless steel mug  and a special pin. Something you will want to remember is you cannot bring any loose articles that cannot be strapped to you. They will allow you to wear a hat and give you a strap for your sunglasses and one for your cellphone if you have a case that will allow for it.

Wild Africa Trek Leanette

Wild Africa Trek Enza
Wild Africa Trek groupWild Africa Trek Giraffe

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