5 Healthy Hair Tips Every Girl Should Know

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If you're like me and always looking for ways to promote health and look your best, check out these 5 great tips!

5 healthy Hair Tips Every Girl Should Know

Even if you're very limited with time to spend on your hair, you don't have to entirely give up on having healthy-looking hair. As a busy mom sometimes I leave my hair in a bun and just tend to be good with it as long as it's been recently washed. On the other hand that can make taming my hair a little more difficult on those days I want to fix it up for an event or a special date night. In my own experience, a little upkeep goes a long way in having healthy-looking, easily manageable hair.

We know all hair types are different of course. So is everyone's routine. However, I hope you can use some of these tips to help your hair look its best, too!


Pantene healthy hair trio

Shampoo is such a controverial subject it seems. It's important to know your hair type along with how often to wash and style. Some hair may need a weekly wash while some may need almost daily! However often you wash your hair, and however much shampoo works best, it's important to have a quality shampoo.

Along with the rest of us I've used those bargain shampoos and unknown hotel samples now and then. Usually because it's all I had on hand. The bad thing about those is that they make my hair SO frizzy and almost beyond styling.

I love Pantene since it's a brand I can easily find on the shelf at Walgreens while I'm picking up other essentials. I don't have to let my stylist know to order it for me, or pay a lot out of pocket for an expensive shampoo.

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Since I've always worked and had a lot on my plate, I don't have a lot of time to head over to the hairstylist often. I end up doing my own hairstyles–which is just fine– but that leaves all the styling up to me!

I don't want to rely on ball caps but at the same time I know I can't straighten my hair every single day. I get those frizzy spots and flyaways around the front of my hairline.

The usual go-to for taming frizzy hair is pulling out the straightening iron or curling iron. However, this can actually dry hair out more and if you're using a lot of traction on your hair as you straighten it, it can pull out quite a bit of hair. Other negatives about straightening often are overly heating it, and then of course most of us work with too-large sections of hair. My hairstylist tells me that's a big no! But then if I'm in a hurry it does happen.

Pantene Shampoo -Healthy Hair Tips post

To avoid issues with overly heating your hair, you can try out a moisturizing shampoo like these from Pantene: 

You can find all three of these at Walgreens and they are included on the current promotion.


I've seen this tip a lot online but I had to try it out myself to see if it worked. If you're using a regular bath towel to dry your hair, it might be causing extra frizz!

Try using a microfiber towel or a towel specifically designed to dry hair. If you have the time to wait, letting it air dry can save your hair from all the direct heat of the hair dryer.

Pantene daily moisture renewal - Healthy Hair Tips

Hair types are SO different, this one may really vary per person. Using products with extra moisture like these from Pantene help for my hair type!


If I am promoting a healthy body, of course my hair will reflect that! I always try to stay on top of my hydration and remember to take my vitamins, since they help me feel my best.

Pantene 3 minute miracle

Be sure to take time for your own health routine when possible!I love to use vitamins like Biotin for my hair.


You might have heard that certain materials can cause excess hair frizz. Just like your hair towel, a smooth pillow case can help tame the frizz.

I typically prefer bamboo pillow cases, but if I am trying to stretch out the time between washes and hair styling, I might switch to a smoother pillow cases like silk.

walgreens store

The good news is that these are usually affordable and a quick fix.

I hope some of these tips work for your hair! Be sure to let us know in the comments or on Facebook if you have a tried and true tip.


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