Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug Craft

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See this fun Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug craft for kids- perfect for those days you can't be outdoors!

Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug

We recently made a Toilet Paper Roll Craft Butterfly, which was a lot of fun and a nice “rainy day” activity. You can head over here to check out that tutorial. Along the same lines, we decided to make our own Ladybugs!

Even during those nicer seasons of the year, it always helps to have a few things to keep the kids busy indoors. This craft and the Butterfly craft are great for ages around 6-10. Older kids will probably spend more time decorating their Ladybug, so you can expect this craft to take them around an hour.

For younger kids, be sure to help with the cutting and gluing, and then from then they will probably spend about 15 minutes decorating. See how to make this easy craft below!

Toilet Paper Roll - Ready for craft

Step 1:

You will need a clean Toilet Paper Roll, or about half of a paper towel roll. If you don't typically save these for craft reasons, you can also purchase them online.

Head over here to Amazon where you can find craft rolls in bulk. This would be better if your craft will be done for a Sunday School, Daycare, Preschool, or VBS.  

Painting a toilet paper roll

Time to Paint!

Next, you will need some kids' craft paint, and a sponge paint brush. The paint brush type doesn't matter too much, so you can always use what you have on hand.

However, I do like these small sponge brushes for a couple reasons.  They are larger than those tiny paint brushes you find at craft stores, and also pretty low in price! 

No worries if the kids destroy the paint sponges, or guilt about throwing them away when the craft is over with. Sometimes it's worth it to me after a long crafting session to just use a few disposable supplies.

Tip: If you don't have a pallet for paints, a great idea is just to get out a paper plate, paper bowl, or even re-purpose a lid to one of those meal prep containers.

I have a ton of meal prep containers I got on Amazon, a while back. The lids can be turned upside down and used as a fun and simple paint pallet!

Ladybug Wings:

For your ladybug wings, you can freehand a circle on a piece of red construction paper and cut it out with scissors or use Fiskars circle cutters.

Toilet paper roll cut out on construction paper

You will cut a straight line through the center of your circle to make the split in the ladybug's wings.

Cutting construction paper

Then, add some black spots! I used a sharpie, but any good black marker will work here.

Drawing ladybug

The kids can always take over here. If your little artist is unsure of his or her skills– or if you're not ready to hand them a Sharpie– just outline the spots and let them fill in with a black crayon or washable marker! 🙂

Toilet Paper Roll Lady Bug

Glue Together Your Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug:

We used regular Elmer's glue to assemble the wings and the Ladybug body. If you have a hot glue gun and want to glue together a lot of these at once for the kids, go for it.

Remember, let the black paint dry completely before assembling your ladybug. I was surprised at how fast our Butterflies actually dried! The paint on the cardboard dried within about 30 minutes for a few we made.

For the youngest painter, the paint took over an hour to dry. He added quite a bit more paint than the older kids doing this activity! So of course, your paint drying time will vary a bit.

Toilet Paper Roll Lady Bug with eyes

Toilet Paper Roll Craft- Decorations:

This was the kids' favorite part of the activity. If you have googly eyes, let the kids glue them onto the ladybug body.

Again, craft glue should work but if you're having difficulty with them sticking, you can have the kids take a break from the craft for a few minutes while you hot glue the eyes on.

Toilet Paper Roll Lady Bug Finished!


Isn't she cute?? We added one chenille stem (the actual name for a pipe-cleaner) and it makes the antennae for the Toilet Paper Roll Ladybug.

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