How to Keep Kids Safe when Playing Online Free Games

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Looking for some great online entertainment for a rainy day? Check out these free online games for kids that we found that are safe and fun as well as some online safety tips.

Child safety online - parent

A lot of people are concerned about the safety of their kids online. With everything from cyberbullying to predators, there's a lot for parents to be worried about. Today I'm going to talk about how your child can play free online games while staying safe!

  • Keep your computer in a public area of the house. This way, you can see what they're doing on it and interact with them when possible. They should also be required to ask for permission before playing games or downloading anything from outside sources.
  • Find out about their friends that are online and talk to other parents about potential threats from strangers who might contact your child through an app like VK (VK is kind of similar to Facebook).
  • Make sure any game your kids play has clear ratings so that you know if the content is age appropriate for them. If they want access to something not rated, make sure there's parental controls on it first!
  • Limit screen time as much as possible by setting up.

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