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Art of Green Keeps The Car Clean

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Art of Green

Keeping the Car Clean– With Pets!

If you follow my blog, you might know we have several dogs at home. We love our rescue pets and think of them as part of the family– meaning they go along with us on our road trips!

Our fur babies travel fairly well, and we always make sure to take the time out of our travel days to give them exercise and a place to relax. Meanwhile on our stops, we do any needed cleanups in the car.

Our pets are great little travelers but of course traveling with pets means you end up with lots of dog hair and every now and then a small accident. While we love our pets, we don't love getting into the car and have it smelling less than fresh! It's important to us to have the car actually be clean, as well as smell clean.

Because of my husband's health issues and other reasons- we opt to use natural cleaners whenever possible. I was excited to share this post about cleaning products from Art of Green.

About the Art of Green Line of Cleaners:

Our cleaners need to be hard working. Art of Green cleaners are functional as well as affordable. Personally I love natural cleaners but do not want to spend twice or triple the amount of money on a natural cleaner over other options.

You can find Art of Green affordably priced at Target, Sprouts Market, and also H-E-B (which is regional). Since I don't have H-E-B here in town I usually end up shopping at Target. The 35-Ct Cleaning wipes are priced at $2.99 at my Target.

Art of Green products contain no harsh chemicals- which is important to me as we try to stick with natural products. Since they are safe to use around pets, it's ideal for our car cleanups! I don't want my pets in a small enclosed space around those strong chemical smells.

Art of Green Cleaners- Ways to Use:

art of green cleaning wipes

I love using the cleaning wipes for those small messes. We get those wet paw prints on our car seat cushions if the dogs have been out exploring around a rest stop. I'm personally not one to break out the paper towels and cleaners for every mess, so I love having a pack of wipes in the pocket behind my seat. I can just grab a wipe and get any grimy paw prints cleaned up in seconds.

art of green spray chloe

The cleaning sprays are great for larger messes. We do have an older dog with several health problems. If you're a pet parent, you know accidents are sometimes unavoidable. Accidents don't have to ruin the trip, however. We just take along our spray cleaner and some paper towels that can have us back on our way in no time.

We don't have kids at home any more, but for those of you looking for cleaners that are safe around kids, Art of Green is a great choice to check out. I always loved all natural cleaning wipes to get rid of yucky food and sticky messes on car seats, around the doors and more. Be sure to look into Art of Green if you're on the hunt for an all natural cleaning line.

I hope you love the Art of Green Cleaners for your small spaces and around kids and pets.  If you've used these for a while, be sure to let us know what you think in the comments or on Facebook!

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