“Pay it Forward” with The Good Cards Game

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Disclosure: “I was compensated for this post by The Good Cards but all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”

I am excited to introduce you all, my readers, to a fascinating and innovative card game known as The Good Cards.  You can “Pay it Forward” with The Good Cards Game.  These actual cards interact with the Good Cards mobile app, and are not only for entertainment, but are an easy and fun way to spread kindness and keep the “Pay It Forward” movement alive!

If this is the first you’ve heard of The Good Cards, this post is for you!  I am quite new to the idea as well but already love the idea.

It’s actually a simple concept, based on doing a random act of kindness for another individual.  First, purchase The Good Card online over here.  The cards are credit-card sized and easy to keep with you. Using the app and scanning the QR code on your card, complete an act of kindness and then pass the actual card on to that person.  You can share your story or remain anonymous.  The fun thing about the card is that as others  pass The Good Card on, you can actually see the larger effect of your act of kindness!  If you need ideas, see the challenges on the app.

The creators of The Good Cards came up with the idea through the huge success of mobile games such as Angry Birds and Pokemon Go.  The Better World International’s vision is that an interactive game would be a perfect way to help others carry out acts of kindness, and better our society.  One of the collective goals of Better World International is to complete one million anonymous good deeds! So awesome!

The Good Cards is actually the first installment of “The Good Game” which carries on the concept of achieving these collective goals, through the mobile gaming industry.  I personally know that among young people, involving fun, technology and games are great ways to get anything accomplished!

If you are still wondering how the actual cards and app work, here are a few specifics.  There are 12 challenges pre-set within the app and “The Good Game”. See instructions below:

  1. Get the card. You will pay whatever you like for the card, but a discretionary donation is requested. The website suggests $2.
  2. Register the card by scanning it in with QR code on back.
  3. Complete your mission. This can either be a challenge, or your own.
  4. Pass the card. Give the card directly to your chosen recipient OR you can deliver it anonymously, leaving the card for them to find later on.  
  5. Share your story.  This part is up to you but you can motivate others to share kindness as well!
  6. Track your card. Experience the magic that you have created.  I could see this being the most fun part of the game, of course. 🙂
  7. Like and follow other inspiring stories.
  8. REPEAT!

If you have more questions or are thinking about getting on board, head over here to The Goodnet and check out the Q & A!  Hope you enjoyed  learning about The Good Cards and are interested!  The Good cards have already been featured in a few articles including this one on CauseArtist, if you would like to learn more.

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