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Celebrate National Honey Month with Buzz + Bloom

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Buzz +Bloom Honey and my thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you love natural and real honey like I do, check out these products from Buzz + Bloom Honey!  Not only do these have a wonderful taste and texture, but Buzz + Bloom honeys also capture the natural goodness of the honey as it was created!

You can tell the taste of the honey is high-quality.  Buzz + Bloom Honey provides products obtained from trusted beekeepers only. Of their 14 available varieties, you can purchase honey which is Raw & Unfiltered, Organic Non-GMO, and Fair Trade Certified.  If you know me and follow my Consumer Queen Natural and Organic group on Facebook, you know these qualities are important to me when I select products to buy!

Buzz + Bloom Honey offers products nationwide, and if you do need to ship you can be sure that all of the antioxidants and nutritional components will still be there.  The company packs products in a low temperature environment, which preserves all the healthful goodness of the honey!

One reason I like including natural honey in my diet is all the pollens it contains.  Why snack on a processed sugary treat when you can have a snack made in nature and better for you? I love snacking on honey with peanut butter or to add to tea.

If you like honey for snacking and prefer it on the go, Buzz + Bloom Honey offers single serve packs also!  Don’t worry about using the artificial honey in restaurants or hotels. Buzz + Bloom Honey is a great option since it is preservative free, gluten-free and nut-free.  So for those of us with food allergy concerns, the Buzz + Bloom Honey Organic Non-Gmo Single Serve Packs are nice to have on hand!  No need to skip the honey for your tea or breakfast if you’re away from home.

I love the idea of Buzz + Bloom Honey products for gifts too, since they come so nicely packaged in the fun blue colors.  It would be so fun to give (or get) these items together in a gift basket.   I thought it would be a great gift for a bridal shower or housewarming party, or even for a door prize for one of our church functions! The products are just too cute.

One last thing I thought was really important about Buzz + Bloom Honey is the fact that the company supports awareness of the bee population. You may have heard recent news stories about the problems facing bee populations.  I was glad to read that Buzz + Bloom Honey proudly supports Planet Bee Foundation. This non-profit supports research and awareness on the struggling bee population and also provides education.     



I hope you get a chance to try these great products from Buzz + Bloom Honey, and enjoy snacking on the delicious honey as well! Thanks for reading!


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  1. I love Buzz and Bloom spreadable honey but can’t find it anymore. Are you still making it and if so – how can I get it? It used to be sold in my local Jewel grocery store.

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