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Enbrighten Landscape Lights Garden Makeover

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Disclaimer: “This Enbrighten Landscape Lights Garden Makeover post was sponsored by Jasco and I received product at no cost to me. However all opinions expressed are my own.”

We have been working on our back yard and are so excited to share our Enbrighten Landscape Lights Garden Makeover by Jasco! Read below on what we did, and find some inspiration for your next outdoor DIY!

We were able to work with Jasco for this project, and use their new Enbrighten Color Changing Café Lights.  These commercial grade lights have a ton of features, and work with our Enbrighten Landscape Lights! I just love how it all turned out.

Garden Makeover with Jasco Lights:

We have had a lot of issues in the past with our back yard.  It tends to flood often with heavy rains, and this year we had near-record rainfall in the summer months.  That did even more damage to the fence line, which has never drained well.  Over the years, if I planted flowers they were just saturated with rain and quickly died.  We decided to go ahead and put in raised flower beds to prevent future problems.

It was a huge undertaking, since we had to clear out old shrubbery near the fence, and basically clear the ground for our new flower beds.

As you can see, we really didn't have any plants or landscaping in place at all. My husband was able to do this project himself, so we didn't have to hire it out.

Although it did take some time to research, measure, and purchase supplies, it was doable!  This project would have cost much much more if we had hired a landscaper or handyman for the job.

This was the flower bed in progress.  I was so excited to see it finally coming together after all the problems we've had with rain and flooding!

We finally added shrubs and decor, and put the finishing touches on the flower bed with these Enbnighten Landscape Lights. Here is a pic of what the Enbnighten Landscape Lights look like up close.

Enbrighten Landscape Lights upclose

They give the garden such a beautiful ambiance, especially in the evenings! I love that they were so easy to install. We chose the fall colors for October.

I just love the way the Enbrighten Landscape Lights give the garden that extra touch.  We can see all the way to the fence line in the evenings and enjoy our new flower beds even more.  These actually pair with the Enbrighten Color Changing Cafe Lights we used for our porch, with just one remote!

These lights are available in sets of 6,9, and 12 and range in price from $199.99 to $299.99 depending on number of pucks (6, 9 or 12).



Here is what our Garden looks like in the day time. We added shepherds hooks for bird feeders and humming bird feeders. We already have a ton of bee's and butterflies visiting. We also used a mixture of ornamental kale and cabbage for winter foliage and mixture of other plants that we can enjoy for a little while but will come back next year as well such as Lantane.

Back Porch Makeover with Enbrighten Color Changing Café Lights:

Our back porch was also in need of some upgrading.  We have a hot tub and TV set up, and small seating area further out in the yard.  Although it has several great features, the overall look of our back porch was lacking any style or character. In other words BLAH!

Enbrighten Cafe Lights Details:

We installed these Enbrighten Color Changing Café Lights lights ourselves.  The light sets we used were 48 ft/24 bulbs, so they go a long way.  If you're thinking about using Enbrighten Cafe Lights, keep in mind the bulbs are on the larger side (as pictured above), so you do not need many sets to make an impact. JASCO ENBRIGHTEN Landscape Lights Remote (1 of 1)

There are different modes you can set your lights to, for specific holidays. You can have them set to Fourth of July colors, fall or even Christmas, for example. You can also set to blinking or strobe for parties.

They have a timer, so you can set them to come on for two or four hours. Perfect if you don't want to go back outside later to adjust the lighting.

We ended up with enough lighting to go around the porch, and also crisscross again in the center. It looks amazing! I love the additional lighting for when I want to sit outside and work on my computer in the evenings.

You can leave the lights yellow or change the colors, which are perfect for festivities or holidays.

I think one of my favorite features is that the lights can be remote controlled, so depending upon how much lighting we want we can adjust it without searching for switches or plugs.  They look great against my existing umbrella and patio furniture!

Looks Great All Year

The lights are beautiful right now in the fall, but will also be great for sitting outside in the spring and summer, since the evenings in Oklahoma often aren't cool enough until it's almost dark.  We have had Enbrighten lights for a year now, and these lights really hold up well so far with the Oklahoma weather, which is so important for anything we put outside!  I am excited to update our lighting and use it with the new Enbrighten Landscape Lights. Here is a look at our patio in the day time.

JASCO ENBRIGHTEN Landscape Lights Deck (1 of 1)

If you look real hard you can see our dog Boomer sunning out on the deck. Now that we have everything done we are spending more time outdoors enjoying our backyard so the dogs are loving it. Boomer is especially happy about the makeover. We have already had a few neighbors come over to ask where got our lights because you can see them over the fence from the street.

JASCO ENBRIGHTEN Landscape Lights Boomer (1 of 1)

I am looking forward to many evenings spent enjoying my back yard now!  As you know my husband has Ankylosing Spondylitis and I can't tell you much my heart melted when we spent our first night out on the deck watching the OSU game and he kept looking over at me and kept saying “Honey I am so happy, this is my happy place!” Keep your eye out for an upcoming Enbrighten Cafe Lights by Jasco giveaway on the Consumer Queen website!  Would you be interested in winning a set valued at over $300 for yourself? Leave a comment below and let Jasco know. Check out more posts from The Royal Family.

Jasco Enbrighten Cafe Lights Giveaway:

Update! The giveaway is now LIVE as of 11/5/18! Enter Below!

CONGRATS TO OUR WINNER Amanda Kline! She claimed her prize!

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Thank you to Jasco products for sponsoring this giveaway!

Disclaimer: This post was updated with Sweepstakes on 11/5.  

Additional disclaimer: “This post was sponsored by Jasco, and I received product at no cost to me. However all opinions expressed are my own.”

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  1. That looks amazing! We’ve been looking at soffit lights, but those look like a really affordable option! And really fun too!

  2. We are without any street lights where we live and the security lights are functional for overhead but I think these would go along way towards feeling more connected and intimate.

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