Keep Holiday Cleanups Simple with the Neato Robot Vacuum

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With the Neato robot vacuum, you can spend less time vacuuming and more time with family this holiday season. See the details below!

Neato Robot Vacuum

Getting down the decorations from the attic is always a mess, with dust and glitter all around the house! It seems there's days of vacuuming ahead any time we decorate for the holidays. Combine that with extra baking and DIY crafts we do often, and we end up cleaning up a lot more this time of year.

We also have several dogs, which are all chihuahua mixes that live inside. They are smaller pets, but as most pet owners know, they can still produce a lot of dog hair over time! We have wood floors so I don't worry so much about carpet stains and issues there– but do you know how much a wood floor can show pet hair?! Other pet parents will know what I mean! It can get into those sides of the room and corners and collect quickly.

We wanted a robot vacuum model that could clean up those pet hair messes, while also taking care of other dirt, dust and just the floors in general at the same time. We are excited to share our intro to the Neato Robot Vacuum with readers.

Neato Robot Vacuum Information and Models:

There are two models from Neato Robotics. The Neato D9 is what you would want to look at for a medium sized home with average messes.

For example, if you typically work outside the home, do not have pets, or just need the robot vacuum for daily dust and dirt, this one would be ideal. It's currently on sale $200 off. The Neato D9 can clean up to 1,600 sq. ft. on a single charge, and unlike the earlier generation robot vacuums, you can program it with no-go zones, and zones for areas that need cleaning more frequently.

If you are curious about data being stored on household devices, you don't have to worry about this one. There is no microphone or camera on the Neato D9. It does have Amazon Alexa and Google Voice compatibility if you need something that can work with your home assistants.

For larger homes or deeper cleaning, the Neato D10 model is designed to take care of large spaces. It can clean up to 2,700 sq ft. on a single charge. It offers a larger brush and dust bin so you don't have to stop what you're doing and empty the dust tray– a common issue with smaller robot vacuums. You can now save $100 on this model.

If you have rooms and spaces you don't want the Neato D10 vacuum to clean, it will avoid these areas when no-go zones are programmed.

More Info:

Both Neato models ship free and you can opt to try the 30-day trial if you're not sure if it's for you. Be sure to read requirements and details on the free trial before you purchase.

As you can see the Neato Robot Vacuum has a simple and clean look while it's placed on its wall charger. It does not sit directly on the surface of the floor, so larger particles like cereal can be swept up rather than pushed forward.

If you're interested in either of the models, you can shop here at our link:

Thanks for reading about the Neato Robot Vacuums! Here's to easier cleanups and more free time at home this Christmas season! Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas from the Consumer Queen!

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