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If you are moving into a new home, you are probably looking at new decor ideas and moving tips! This was where we unexpectedly found ourselves this last summer, when my daughters had to move into a new apartment.

Their old apartment had lots of issues, so the entire family had to pull together to get them into a safe and clean new apartment (between everyone's work hours and schedules).  It was a busy time for us, and I am glad to pass on any tips I can!

Ten Apartment Move-In Tips:

  1.  Do a walk through and make a checklist (mental or on paper) of things needed in the new place.  One thing I always take note of is cleaning supplies: Glass cleaner, floor cleaners, air fresheners, and a number of light bulbs needed, if any.
  2. Instead of purchasing boxes, collect gently used boxes from friends, or ask nearby grocery stores which sometimes give them away!
  3. Air filters are also very important, since the apartment manager or owner may have not thought to replace any recently.  Take note of size needed, and number needed.  Our family members have a lot of allergy problems, and one of the biggest culprits is dust.  Dirty air filters can spell trouble for allergy sufferers! If you have college kids starting out on their own, it is also a good thing to teach them how to inspect air filters, know when to change them, and also determine the correct size filter and type needed.  You can read more on 3M Filtrete Filters below.
  4. Save original packaging on TVs and electronics for future moves.  If you don't have packaging, padding with towels and even clothing is an economical option.
  5. Make sure you have emergency numbers for apartment management or owners if applicable.
  6. If you're a pet owner, thing about your new place with your pet in mind.  Do you have to deal with stairs and long entrances that may cause issues for a dog? Is there a greenbelt available for walking pets?
  7. Use a large cooler to transport refrigerated goods if moving across town.
  8. Don't be afraid to negotiate prices or moving dates. Some apartments may be flexible.
  9. Round up newspapers from friends and family to quickly pack breakables like dishes.
  10.  Ensure bathrooms and areas water may collect are mold free.  If you suspect mold, don't hesitate to investigate! My top tip is to make sure the apartment is safe on the inside, just as you would look for an apartment in a safe area of town!

3M Filtrete Filters at Sam's Club

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Additional disclosure: This post was sponsored by All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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