Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments

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Ready for an easy ornament DIY? Check out these Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments!

Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments

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(This craft was submitted by one of our readers  Shelly K. from Edmond, Oklahoma)

Now, I know I'm not the only one who goes to visit with my friends, and openly adores all their crafty projects. Some of us just aren't naturally artistic. We see sticks and buttons, and we see, well… STICKS AND BUTTONS!!! So, we absolutely love it when our readers send in crafts that allow us less than clever regulars feel like over achievers!

Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments (1 of 1)

These little ornaments turned out quite adorable, and are easy to make. This is a craft that kids could do too, but depending upon age may need a little help with the hot glue gun until they are able to use it safely.

Supplies Needed for Rustic Ornaments:

  • Straight sticks – You can buy HERE, but you could just as easily cut them from branches in your back yard for a truly rustic look!
  • Greenery pieces- Click HERE to buy and cut to size, but again you can snag from nature, but be prepared they will deteriorate as they dry out.
  • Wooden Buttons- buy HERE
  • Jute or twine-  buy HERE
  • Hot Glue Gun- buy HERE
Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments step 1.2 (1 of 1)
I cut the largest length of the stick (about 3 inches) and then made the next one about a quarters length shorter then the last about a quarters length shorter than the second. Once cut, I simply eyeballed where I wanted them and attached them in order using the hot glue gun.
Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments step 1 (1 of 1)
Next I added the buttons. Again you could do these in any styles and colors you desire. Lastly I attached a loop of jute to the back top using the glue gun. As I said these Christmas Tree Ornamentswere really easy to make and look so adorable!
Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments step 3 (1 of 1)
I love that you can get creative here and add whatever you have on hand, whether it's beads, buttons, or maybe scraps of ribbon or old broken jewelry. Your creativity is the limit!
And just a quick note, you can always use items from outdoors, but be sure to rinse off any dirt and seal in a container first, and freeze or heat to ensure no bugs are in your project.
We collected acorns for a project only to realize there were bugs in them later… At least I hadn't brought them indoors yet!
Rustic Christmas Tree Ornaments finished (1 of 1)
I just love how these turned out.  Check out more DIYs here and be sure to share a pic of the final project. We love sharing ideas of fun family activities for Christmas!

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