Use Your Tax Return For A Down Payment On A Used Vehicle From DriveTime!

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For a lot of people Tax season isn't necessarily a bad thing.  If you're getting a refund then it's something you're looking forward to and probably already have plans for the extra money.  You could pay bills, make updates to your home or buy that 70″ flat screen TV you've been dreaming of!  Tax returns are a great help for making down payments on a large purchase.  I actually never thought about using my tax refund as a down payment on a vehicle before but when you think about it it's a pretty wise move.  Before you make any decisions on what you're going to spend your refund money on I'd encourage you to click HERE to find out why you should consider buying a used car and why it's a smart choice.

Everyone has a list of what they would do with their tax return money.  These are my top 7 ideal uses for our tax return. What are yours?

    1.  Pay Bills (because that's always something that needs to be paid!)
    2.  Home Improvements (I am slowly but surely working on this!)
    3.  Blog Improvements
    4.  Add to the Savings Account
    5.  Treating myself to a Spa Day (what woman doesn't need that?!?)
    6.  Down payment on a used vehicle (my son is almost ready to drive so we'll need another vehicle. Ack!)
    7.  Shopping spree!

So I found myself browsing DriveTime's massive selection of vehicles and came across my “dream car”!  For as long as I can remember I've always wanted a big truck.  I've never had one but one of these years I will!  If I could choose just one vehicle today from DriveTime I would choose this 2011 Ford F-150.  Isn't it awesome?!?


If you're in need of a vehicle take a minute to check out DriveTime's great selection by clicking HERE.  There are so many vehicles to choose from so you're sure to find one (or more!) that you like!

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