Why You Can Say “Yes” To Capri Sun Organic!

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CapriSun Organic Apple (1 of 1)
Disclosure “Kraft-Heinz sponsored this post, but the opinions are my own”.  See below for additional disclosure.

If you have kids, you have probably had Capri Sun stocked in the fridge this summer!  We go through plenty of Capri Sun Organic drinks around here.  Capri Sun beverages are something I always have on hand for the kids since it's a drink I can feel good about giving them and they love the flavors!

Capri Sun Organic juice has no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and no added sugar, which is is very important to me as a mom.  The drinks are 50% water and 50% natural fruit juice, so they aren't loaded down with extra ingredients I can't pronounce!  It's a better for you drink option than others which contain huge amounts of sugar.  The Capri Sun Organic Apple flavor is great if you haven't tried it yet.

CapriSun Organic Apple open (1 of 1)

Capri Sun isn't just for younger kids, my teens love it too.  No sooner did I bring them home from the store, my son opened the box before I could even get it into the fridge. I also love to serve it for my “Princess Parties” because it's so convenient and I love seeing the smiles on their kids faces when I hand one to them.

Capri Sun Organic drinks can be found at Walmart and are always easy for me to find on those quick grocery trips with the kids.   Head over here to shop or check out #WalmartCapriSun on social media.  I can feel good about saying “Yes!” when they ask for a Capri Sun as soon as we get home.

CapriSun Organic Apple drink (1 of 1)

Whether you have big kids or small kids, it's always great to see the kids' excitement when mom says “Yes!” to a treat.  Since Capri Sun is a drink that can make both mom and kids happy, they are encouraging families to share a #Yessie On Instagram.   Just take a selfie of you and the kids enjoying the moment when mom or dad said “Yes!” to a treat, activity, or just something small like spending time together.  Share the fun with friends and family and spread the word on this fun idea!
Thanks for reading, and as always, Happy Shopping!
Additional Disclosure: “Kraft-Heinz sponsored this post, but the opinions expressed are my own”.  

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