The Best Flowers for All Occasions

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When it comes to buying flowers there are some varieties which are ideal for specific occasions. The beauty of buying flowers however is that there are so many beautiful options.

Best Flowers for Specific Occasions

If you are not aware of exactly what type of flowers you should be buying for christenings, weddings, funerals or birthdays, then read tips here. If you need some inspiration then check out websites such as Shique Floral design for inspiration in terms of mixing and matching. To help you get an idea as to what flowers you can use for all occasions, here are just a few ideas. 

two dozen roses

Traditional Varieties


Roses are the ultimate flower for all occasions, in all colors from yellow, white and red. Traditionally speaking red roses represent passion, white represents love, and yellow is for friendship. With this being said, any happy occasion can be marked with roses! Somber occasions such as retirement or funerals are not the ideal occasion for roses, but any other happy occasion can certainly be marked with these flowers. 


Lilies are the ultimate Swiss army knife of the flower world and they can be used for just about any occasion which you have in mind. The beauty of the lily is the enormous range of colors which they can display, making them ideal for occasions. Funerals are the ideal occasion for black or white lilies, birthdays can be celebrated with a range of bright and bold colors, and weddings are the perfect venue for pink and white lilies. 

Unexpected or Unusual Varieties


Bright, bold, colorful and playful, these are the ideal flowers to put a smile on anyone’s face –no matter who they are or what the occasion happens to be. Tulips just grab the attention and the range of colors makes them the perfect option when it comes to creating a beautiful looking bouquet. The best thing about tulips is that they are available all year around and they can be found in countries all over the world. 



For any happy occasion which you may be celebrating, sunflowers are the ultimate choice. These flowers really are unique in terms of style and colors, and those large, disc-like faces really set them apart. Birthdays, weddings, thank you gifts or anniversaries, sunflowers look great inside a bouquet plumped up with fresh green sprigs.  Sunflowers typically represent summer and are ideal for summer birthdays or outdoor bouquets.

Gerbera Daisies 

These daisies bring freshness and light into any bouquet which make them an ideal choice no matter if you are celebrating. These are a low cost which helps them fit into many budgets.

Many of these flowers can be mixed in with each other for the ideal occasion bouquet. Be aware of the occasion and what flowers represent, but don't be afraid to try an unexpected selection of blooms.

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