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Homemade Stress Away Shower Steamers

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If you loved our last DIY for Grapefruit Bath Salts, you will be a fan of these Homemade Stress Away Shower Steamers!

These have just a couple more steps and of course also make a great gift.  I love this particular Essential Oil.  Stress Away from Young Living has ingredients including vanilla, lime, lavendar and cedarwood to name a few.

This oil smells heavenly so these Shower Steamers are sure to be enjoyed!

I love the idea of stacking a few in a small jar (or even a pint sized mason jar if you have them) and giving as a gift.  I can think of these Stress Away Shower Steamers being perfect for a teacher gift, for a new mom, or for a birthday or Mother's Day.

You can even to add to a gift basket since these are so easy and low cost to make!

Just mix your Baking Soda and the essential oil, and slowly add your water as you mix.  The resulting mixture will be a thick paste, so be sure you work in the water evenly.  This recipe does take a lot of baking soda, so you can buy a this Pure Organic Baking Soda 5 lb bag here.

Since this mixture contains essential oils we would not recommend mixing by hand.

Next, just spoon into your silicone baking mold.  If you haven't added one of these to your collection in the kitchen, I have to recommend getting one!  These are great for quite a few DIY projects so they come in handy.  You can find this one here on Amazon.

If you have a silicone ice tray, you can also use that.

Note– if you do purchase a silicone mold, be aware you want one with small portions such as the one pictured.  For Shower Steamers or bath bombs, a small amount goes a long way so they don't need to be huge.

Be sure to pack the mixture tightly in the mold to avoid crumbling and cracking when they are done. You will bake these in the oven at 350 degrees, for 20 minutes.

As with all silicone molds, you will need to set the entire pan on a cookie tray.

Look how pretty these turned out!  For just a few ingredients these are so nice to have available to toss on the shower floor and give you a fragrant relaxing shower at the end of a stressful day.  Hope you enjoy these too!

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