Wellness Activities for College Students

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There aren't many things in this world that are more important than your health and wellbeing. If you have good physical health, it's not something to take for granted! Today let's talk about Wellness Activities for College Students.

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On the other side of this, neglecting a healthy lifestyle can end up having you become very stressed and unhealthy. This can lead to many problems in your life, from interpersonal relationships to developing illness and disease. The fact is, no matter who you are or how busy you are, self care is very important! Physical wellness can benefit from taking some time out to focus on yourself.

It is not selfish to do this– even if you have to sometimes say “no” to other various things you could be spending time on. Even for those of us with children, taking some time out to recharge, focus on yourself and your needs can be a good thing overall! This article's focus is to talk about wellness activities for college students specifically.

There are several ways you can approach wellness programs. These are listed below.


One stress management strategy is minimalism. By adopting a more minimalist approach to life, you are in effect, removing a lot of the “things” that no longer serve you in any meaningful way. This may be dealing with different dimensions of wellness than you are used to. Instead of directly looking at your diet and exercise, you're actually reducing your attachment to things. This can be thought of as freeing yourself up in both mind and body.

Taking a minimalistic approach can increase personal satisfaction. It may help with reducing stress, anxiety, depression and allow you to gift gifting more time. Time is an essential element, and not having enough of it to do the things you want can be very discouraging.

One of the most straightforward ways to start a minimalist lifestyle is to declutter your living spaces. Clutter is a prime example of something that causes stress and can hold you back. How does clutter affect students' wellbeing? To start with, a lot of stimuli can be very stressful. They can get in your way and hide things you need to find in a hurry! And, having a clean, open space to relax and inwind may help you with unique needs, such as room for equipment for Yoga or Intramural Sports.

While some objects hold great memories, others can weigh you down and end up as visual (and even emotional) clutter. Minimalism is also about purging your life of other things that no longer help you on your journey. So, this can mean cutting down on old photos, mementos, and more. To move forward in the way you want, keep in mind which items bring you a feeling of social wellness and emotional wellness. If something is just taking up space or even more negatively, reminds you of difficult times, getting rid of those pieces of clutter is a great place to start.


If you don't already have regular exercise, it's one of the most important wellness activities for college students we can mention! Exercise is how you naturally destroy the stress hormones in your body. Hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline play a part. Physical activity is also one way you can enhance your happiness levels long term.

As many are aware, exercise floods the body with endorphins that enable you to feel more pleasure in life. A great personal development goal, exercise can play a part in helping you lose weight. It also can help by giving more energy. It doesn't matter if you haven't exercised in a long time, you can always start today. As a disclaimer, I am not a healthcare professional so it's best to always seek advice from a doctor before starting something new.

For many college students starting a new physical fitness routine, it's great to start with something as simple as walking and building up from there. As long as you are moving, you are doing something good for your body.

Keep in mind, there may be student organizations around your campus community that you can get involved with. Find a supportive social network to keep you accountable and keep you motivated. And– who knows– you may make some great new contacts and friends in the process who share a common goal! I love that there are also online program options now too. Virtual meetups and virtual fitness classes are creative ways you can learn new fitness routines. Be sure to contact your advisor or even ask around for any available student wellness program options.

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Up Your Water Intake

Who knew that something as simple as more water would be part of healthy lifestyles tips, but it can. Actually, there is a bit of a dehydration epidemic going on, there as many as 75% of all adults in the western world are dehydrated. This may seem like a pretty amazing statistic considering that we have pretty easy access to water. Dehydration, even moderate dehydration, can be detrimental to your health. Some complaints include headaches, lack of energy, difficulty losing weight, and more. If you can increase your water intake you will begin to see a lot of benefits, from hydrating your skin and making you appear younger to improving the function of your organ. Water also plays an important part in kidney health.

If you need specific recommendations and wellness tips on how much water intake you need, you can ask your healthcare provider. Other local resources may be a campus nurse, your state or county health department (most have health education online), or health organizations at college campuses. If you have a larger campus, they may also have community organizations that are there to promote health like smoking cessation and exercise.


Not sleeping enough is another thing that can be harmful to personal health. While you are asleep, the body is hard at work repairing damage, recording memories, reducing toxins, regenerating cells, and more. If you consistently aren't getting enough sleep, or you find you feel like you constantly suffer from a lack of sleep, this may be an issue. Unfortunately, getting a poor amount of sleep may cause you to become forgetful and stressed. Some find they also make poor eating choices like eating late at night. Increasing energy drinks and things like coffee and sugar are also common if you feel you need to stay awake longer.

Some positive choices are perhaps going to bed a little earlier, avoiding coffee, alcohol and nicotine too close to bedtime. Also, think about turning off your screen earlier too and reading instead. The good news is that our bodies will adapt to a new daily schedule after we put it in place and stay consistent. If you're feeling like you can't get enough done in the day, looking at time management skills! Find new approch that will work for you. Some students find they aren't getting much sleep due to noise or a poor mattress. Look at identifying your unique challenges and pinpointing things that you can improve on.

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Treat Yourself

For most busy college students, overall health isn't an issue until you're not feeling your best. However, one important thing to keep in mind is to set some time aside for yourself — and treat yourself. A treat can be an evening spent with friends, investing in a spiritual wellness or intellectual wellness course, or even a healthy food you love. If there's something you don't normally tend to spend money on for yourself– set the idea aside as a way to treat yourself or reward yourself for meeting a goal.

If you're a parent or college student living at home, family members can also join in! Sometimes family members ask what they can do for you. Have some answers ready! A great way to reward yourself is by letting others actually help you! Have a wishlist on Amazon or a list of things you can use or need can help family members support you! Keep in mind you do deserve it– it's for your own wellness and wellbeing.

A reward for yourself can come in many forms, such as watches like these AP Royal Oak models, a new wardrobe, or even a spa day. Whatever you choose, it acts as a reminder that you deserve the best life has to offer. 

Thanks for Reading

Quality of life and feeling like your best self are important for busy college students. Often schoolwork, work hours, and family obligations take center stage. Keep your own heath in mind and don't be afraid to use your support system. No matter which healthy choices you choose to focus on, taking care of yourself can have lasting results. We hope you enjoyed these Wellness Activities for College Students.

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