10 Workout Tips For Winter

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See these 10 Workout Tips for Winter and my new fitness routine, including my review of New Balance Shoes from Joe's New Balance Outlet!

Workout Tips for Winter

I am excited to share some of my personal fitness goals right now and some tips for working out during winter! I started out on a new fitness journey in January, and don't want to stop because of cold weather. 

Check out my fitness tips here, plus my review of these cute New Balance Shoes from Joe's New Balance Outlet. 

New Balance Shoes

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10 Workout Tips for Winter

  • Invest in the Right Equipment – If you're starting on an exercise plan, invest in some good shoes and the right workout gear for you.

    For me, it helps me to stay motivated! With well-fitting shoes I don't have to worry about my shoes hurting my feet later or my outfit not working for me.

    I got some cute workout gear and a new set of athletic shoes. I love the way they fit and the medium weight.

Tie shoe New Balance
  • Plan around the shorter days- One of the first things that comes to mind are the shorter winter days and less sunlight.

    I've done several things to help! I decided to work out at home primarily.  Free online workouts and exercise videos are a must for me.

  • Drink more water – I am not a fan of water but have been diligent to try to hydrate more! However, it's also essential to drink plenty of water for the flexibility of your skin. When the skin is not enough hydrated, intense exercises can cause the development of stretch marks, especially during the winter when the skin is drier. To prevent the appearance of stretch marks from working out, you need to drink enough water, listen to your body, and consider its limits.
  • Watch those portion sizes – When eating out for travel or work, I can't always get away from high calorie foods. Watching my portions and choosing fresh ingredients has helped me stay on track.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast -A breakfast each morning gives me the energy I need whether I am working out first or heading out for a day of errands then working out in the afternoon. Plus it helps me take time for myself.
  • Stock the pantry with “clean” snacks– and get rid of the not-so-healthy choices. I have been careful for hidden calories and make it a point to look at labels lately.
New Balance Box

Be Yourself!

  • Find a gym partner or a Supportive Online Group – this one may be easier said than done but if anyone you know is trying to get healthy and has similar goals, team up and give each other the support you need!

    It may help when you're not wanting to head to the gym on cold mornings!

New Balance sitting

  • Online Workouts- This one may be new to some of you all, but I have been doing workouts right in the comfort of my own home! There are lots of fun exercise videos that you can work out along to. No need to head out on cold or icy days! You can do what fits you best!
  • Use your apps – Just like investing in some good running shoes, find a good app that will help keep you on track!

I hope these tips motivate you and help remind you that it's not a huge process to make healthy changes! Just small steps can go a long way.

Joes New Balance Outlet

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