Why Fresh Flowers Are Still The Best Gifts

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Imagine finding a bunch of lovely blooms waiting for you after a particularly bad day. Wouldn’t this sight brighten up your day? Or, let’s say your partner’s birthday slipped off your mind. A bunch of gorgeous roses will still help you make it up to them. Fresh flowers will brighten up any day!

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It is true that flowers make the best gifts. If you have any doubts, read on. Here are eight reasons why nature’s blooms checks all boxes at being the perfect choice for gifting.

1. Express a range of emotions through fresh flowers

Flowers speak a universal language. Want to express love? Gratitude? Appreciation? Condolences? Apologies? Any emotion you want to communicate but find difficult to express in words can be said with flowers. 

2. The instant trigger for positive vibes

Flowers can induce feel-good sensations in everyone, be it the one who’s receiving the gift or the one giving. Gift flowers to bring cheer, hope, love, and inspiration to your loved one’s life.

3. Suitable for every occasion and culture

Flowers are gifted customarily across cultures. The gifting traditions and implications of different flowers may vary, but the custom remains the same. Further, gift fresh flowers on every occasion, be it welcoming someone into the family or seeing someone off, birthdays to funerals, congratulating new parents, or out-going colleagues.  

4. A gift that suits anyone from 8 to 80

Flowers will make anyone and everyone happy. Whether you are gifting to your grandpa or your little girl, a bunch of fresh flowers will bring joy to both.

How to Keep Fresh Flowers 2

5. Flowers don’t (always) cost a arm and leg

Indeed some flowers can cost a lot. But in most cases, flowers can fit into any budget and are considered one of the most pocket-friendly gift options. 

6. The best option when unsure 

Pick up a flower bouquet when you are not sure what to gift. You can hardly ever go wrong with fresh flowers. On a social occasion, when you need to carry a gift but are not familiar with the preferences of the host, carry flowers and save yourself from embarrassment. 

7. You can pair fresh flowers with any other gift

Pair a bouquet with any other gift option and watch the delighted face of the receiver. Celebrating a birthday or Valentines? Pair flowers with a luscious cake. Seeing off a friend? Pair flowers with a box of chocolates. Your options here are unlimited.

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8. They are convenient and eco-friendly 

The convenience of buying flowers is immense. Pick up a bunch of flowers on your way back home from the neighbourhood departmental store to surprise your spouse. Or, order online from florists in Canberra and get them delivered to your doorstep. Plus, fresh flowers are part of nature, and responsibly harvested flowers are the most eco-friendly gift option that ever can be. 

Final thoughts

It is amazing how flowers can be the perfect gift on so many counts. A gentle reminder to you though. While you lift someone’s mood with flowers, do not forget to gift yourself some warm cheer too with a bunch of your favorite blooms! 

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