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When I heard about the new TLC Extreme Couponing Show I was so excited that finally couponers would be recognized for their success in saving money. That was until I watched Good Morning America .  I was horrified, my jaw dropped and I slushed down in my chair.  I couldn't believe my eyes.  It portrayed couponers as crazy obsessed hoarders.  It showed all the things that we couponers teach NOT to do at our coupon classes. We have all dumpster dived but I certainly would not show that on National TV.  That will only cause chaos and more and more people doing this, getting hurt and newspapers and recycle centers to start locking their dumpsters due to liabilities and showing your kids in it.  Will it get to the point where we will no longer be able to get coupons this way?  I'd like to say shame on Good Morning America for doing what they did.  They never called any of the sources and  just did their own story.

You see, we couponers have had this negative stereotype over our heads  with stores, cashiers etc.  Most of the time it's because of a few bad apples who do things like using wrong coupons  for the wrong items, clearing store shelves, not leaving any for others and of course coupon fraud.  I have even stopped linking to certain blogs because they constantly post using coupons the wrong way.  Many of us have worked hard for years teaching “Good Practice Methods” at coupon classes, talking to store managers etc.

I do know that Nathan (who is a very nice person) calls ahead to his local Kroger store to make sure that the store orders enough stock for a sale and they will do special orders for him. I talked to Nathan and had a wonderful conversation with him over the phone and he did say he was a little worried about TLC making it look like he cleared the shelves and how new couponers might get the wrong idea. It's amazing how much he is able to donate to the needy and that's what TLC should be focusing on.  So for him let me point out it is NOT OK to clear store shelves.  It causes regular customers to complain to store managers because they do not get the regular sale price, then store managers get mad at couponers and change their rules!  Let me also say it is NOT OK to take coupons off people porches unless you have permission! That is theft.  I did like how Joyce showed you could save money and not clear the shelves.  I am glad they ended with a more positive note with Nathan.

I had hoped that TLC would mention the positive side of couponing.  What you can and shouldn't do to save money.  I had hoped they would talk about how many moms use couponing to teach their kids the value of money and how they give back to their community.  I had hoped they would talk about offering free coupon classes to their local community to help people fight the rising costs of the economy.

Couponing can be a great source for saving people money but it should not come between family time nor should it take over your home. It should be used in moderation and a way for you to pay it forward to your community.  Stockpiling can be very beneficial to helping you save money but you can go too far.

I am not going to point fingers at those who went on the show but I do hope that TLC will rethink any upcoming episodes they plan on doing and hopefully take some of the things I have mentioned along with other couponers to use in their stories. (Coupon Ethics) I'd love to know what you thought?

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P.S. I know this may stir up a can of worms but I'm ok with that. I will let comments come through as long as they are not degrading and mean. However I will not spend a lot of time responding as I have a full time job, feel free to talk amongst yourselves.

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  1. I was hoping to see some info on how to use coupons to help families live better on their budgets. It was just a look at how some people can take anything a step too far. I mean buying enough deoderant to last 150 years! WHY? Donate that stuff to a shelter. That’s what they need the most is hba items! Plus, how do they keep that food fresh and keep bugs and mice out of it? The first couple had more than 2 people could possibly use before it spoiled! I’m so disappointed in this show!

  2. I don’t do dumpster diving. I was taught that trash even if it’s a trash, if it’s not your own you can’t take it. And I only stockpile enough that will last the next cycle of the sale. Not so many couponing blog will tell you about sale cycle, I’m trying to figure it out.

  3. I don’t have a problem with dumpster diving…I do it myself on occasion but only in the “paper only” ones. There’s no garbage, just paper. As long as you have permission it’s not stealing. I do have a problem with anyone who thinks it’s ok to buy up everything in the store and leave nothing for anyone else. I know Nathan calls ahead and doesn’t clear the shelves but unfortunately people who watched the program are going to think that it’s ok to wipe out the store. Also, why would anyone think it’s ok to STEAL coupons from other people’s papers!! Why would TLC think it’s ok to show something like that??? That woman has a serious problem…..she needs a spanking! She’d get one too if she ever tried to steal my coupons lol!! It was obvious that for some on that show couponing is more of a compulsion than a hobby…..just like any other addiction….you’ll give up things you shouldn’t to do it and you’ll do things you shouldn’t to get it.

  4. I agree that they needed to show more positive couponing. I use your blog to help me save and the correct way to do it and thank you for that. It is sad that the first lady has let coupons become an addiction and take over her life. I like that the last guy donates a lot of his. I was left wondering how people can possibly go through that stuff before it expires?

    1. I have to agree with the question of how do they go throught it before it expires??? I love the idea of Nathan donating all the extra food he wouldn’t use. Can you imagine how much food would be donated if people could figure out how to get it for free!

    2. I have to agree with the question of how do they go throught it before it expires??? I love the idea of Nathan donating all the extra food he wouldn’t use. Can you imagine how much food would be donated if people could figure out how to get it for free!

  5. I saw this show for the first time last night. I don’t know how many times it’s air before then. I loved Nathan’s story, it’s getting good karma giving out the food like that. Some people need the help sometimes. I was inspired by the show to start collecting coupons because of the ‘dumpster diving lady’ (I can’t remember her name) because of her story. My husband and I have struggled since our son was born 3 years ago. I haven’t been able to find stable work, our food stamps were cut almost in half on what they claimed was so ‘everyone got an equal share’ (that’s what were told), and we just scrap by at the end of the month every month. It hurts when my son asks for someone and we just don’t have. I want to go about this the right way and don’t want to do anything wrong. I found the dumpster diving a bit far and picking up your neighbors newspaper a bit much too. I also know shows edit things to add a flare and I didn’t think they gave the right aura to those that save using this method. It did come off that they’re hoarders, but sometimes hoarding products so your family doesn’t struggle down the road isn’t a bad thing?

    1. I am so very sorry that you are struggling. I agree about Nathan if we all could donate like this there would be less hungry people in the world and that is why we try and teach that on our blog. I do want to point out you can stockpile items to help your family is struggling but there IS a significant difference between stockpiling and hoarding. Hoarding is having more than your family really needs.

    2. I am so very sorry that you are struggling. I agree about Nathan if we all could donate like this there would be less hungry people in the world and that is why we try and teach that on our blog. I do want to point out you can stockpile items to help your family is struggling but there IS a significant difference between stockpiling and hoarding. Hoarding is having more than your family really needs.

    3. You are exactly the kind of person the people who clear the shelves are hurting! Responsible people who just want to provide for their families. You can get what your family needs with coupons without taking it all so that others do without. There is nothing wrong with stockpiling but there is something wrong with being greedy and stealing. If need help getting started we’ll be glad to help!

  6. I think this show could have showed a more positive side of couponing – it only portrayed us as crazy hoarders! I’ve seen Nathan on another TV segment and I’ve been to his website – and he doesn’t seem too extreme since he donates. I thought the second lady wasn’t too extreme – except for bringing her 2 year old son dumpster diving!

    We can’t judge these people just based on this show – some of them may donate like Nathan, it was only a 1 hour show and each only had a 10-15 minute segment. I hope TLC does another show, where they portray couponers in a different light.

  7. This is a skill that can be used to help homeless shelters. Why watching the show, I went crazy thinking how these people or I could help shelters to feed families. These people could show volunteers to use the systems.
    spread the information If you can feed a family for free just maybe we can help
    Feed the children
    God Bless

  8. I agree that show needed coupon users in a more positive way!!! However I also want to point out that the editing staff of TLC did what it took to portray these people as extreme hoarders. The second lady in my opinon is not as extreme as she was portrayed. She donates and teaches! Also did anyone call Joyce (the third lady)? Did you find out if she has permission to get coupons out of her neighbors papers? I’m guessing…NO! This show didn’t all sides of the coin. Quit judging without all of the facts!

  9. i will just say alot of people I know freaked out saying do they really need all of that crap? I was telling them you always need that stuff!! and if it doesnt take$$from your bills etc..I do not see a problem actually I would like some pointers!!! that is how I found this page!! I think of myself as an amateur couponer! I am also a cashier and I am never annoyed when people have alot of coupons, just jealous!!!so please people any pointers are awesome.also remember walmart ad matches( i work there tee hee) and the cashiers in the middle of the night are alot less busy if you areworrried about holding others up .

  10. I took a possitive outlook on it. As a sale and full price shopper I have not used coupons and well it made me realize tha I should. So this weekend I did the research clipped and planed and I did get 127.33 for 51.75 I feel great about it!! The only “splurge” for a “stock” was granolla bars I got 12 boxes for 6.96 we have a athletic family and these are great for gym bags, meets, and for lunch so they will get used up fast. I DO NOT SEE how they are get the deals they are, I could not find coupons to use together at ONE store to get my food for free my best save was a creamer that I got for -.10 but even if I had wanted to get more I could not use on per purchase. I have a lot to learn so feel free to share!

  11. I’m a bit confused how Nathan grabbed up a whole tub of toothbrushes (not knowing how many he was grabbing), and said “because of the coupon these are “free”. Did he have a coupon for EACH toothbrush? I’m excited to learn all the tricks of the trade. I am on disability and need every penny I can save. I’m like the one lady who said she hoped that the show didn’t change the way the coupons were printed and make it not so worth it to clip coupons. Thanks to all of you that give free advice. 🙂

  12. I have another question… I seem to be getting alot of virus’ and adware showing up on my computer since loading the coupon printers. What is the trick to keeping your computer safe, but still being able to use the coupon printers? I have several spyware and virus softwares loaded on my computer. Also, do you know of any sights that are NOT good for you to clip coupons from? Thanks a bunch!

    1. Most of those pop-ups that say you have a virus on your computer and you need to run a scan to fix it is a trick to get you to click ok and GET A VIRUS downloaded on your computer. DO NOT CLICK OK OR RUN. Just X out of the pop-up and run your own scan using your computer security system.

  13. I enjoyed the show bc I didnt realize how much I was actually spending on food & other stuff. I did not appreciate the lady taking coupons off porches. She ought to be ashamed. We can blame editing but that wasn’t her porch. Maybe she did have prior permission idk. TheQueenKeeper I think u did awesome. I used coupons my first time & saved $75.00 instantly. I did learn that when u use your coupons on items already on sale u def save more. My grocery store had bread on sale BUY 1, GET 2 FREE. Yes not a typo, LOL. Yes i bought alot but I gave some to friends. I do share!!! I’m hooked, my family thinks I’m crazy but I have more groceries than they do. These are trying times. I’m showing everyone how to save and helping those I love as well. Still would like more pointers. Really enjoyed what everyone had to say.

  14. Melissa,
    It is wonderful to see that there is a positive and sensible set of coupon ethics for *proper* coupon-ing. If it’s alright, I’d like to mention you and link to this article in a post I am writing, since you promote the practical application of coupons, something I feel many viewers might not readily notice in the new TLC show. The entry is titled “exercise extreme caution with extreme couponing”!
    Thank you and keep up the good work!

  15. i would like to start doing some couponing but have no idea how to get started i would appriciate it if someone anyone could help me out please send all ideas and stratagies to me at cauleysean@yahoo.com PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  16. My husband just watched the show about couponing, he is driving me crazy to do the same as on the show. I dont have the space or time to do that. I am a mother of 4 and my husband keeps my days planned. He does not leave me anythime to do anything for myself. He does not leave me anytime for a break at all. How in the world am I to clip coupons. When my Husband worked I did clip coupons and saved 30 to 50 dollars a week on groceries. My husband is home 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Since the show he is crazy about coupons. Help! I hate when television makes things look so easy. Now I am supposed to go get our normal weeks groceries for less than $20.00 I do not see that as possible. I never see coupons for all of our families weekly needs. I mean like a coupon for everything we eat, drink, etc. Is there really a way to get groceries for $20.00 every week.

    1. Hey Sharon, most of that show was staged just for TV. Let your husband know that was not reality! The stores threw out their coupon policies for that show. I don’t think anyone can go into a store and buy that much stuff. Almost all of the Proctor & Gamble coupons state on them that you can’t use more than 4 of the same coupon in 1 shopping trip. Most stores do not even have that much product on hand…..they special ordered all that stuff for the TV show. You really can’t on a weekly basis just go to the store and get what you’re gonna use that week with coupons and save big. You can save money on groceries without going overboard but you have to learn to stockpile and that takes about 3 months worth of couponing before you see real savings. For example, when you see toothpaste on sale and you can get it cheap or free with coupons buy 4 or 5 (if the coupon is not for a proctor & gamble coupon). Use the one tube now and put the others up so when you’re running low you don’t have to pay full price because you’ve got your extras that you paid very little for. Do that with shampoo, pasta, canned food…all the unperishables. Soon, you’ll only be paying for milk, veggies and other things you can’t freeze or store. Not everything is gonna be on sale at the same time so that’s why it takes a few months to get your stockpile going. I hope this helps:)

  17. I also wish that instead of just pilling up on stock, they would donate to shelters and churches for those less fortunate. I also wish that instead, I’ve had more information on have to save more.
    Thank You.

  18. I have to say that the TLC show scares me. I am an avid couponer and do very well. If they keep airing these shows, all the stores are going to change their policies and ruin it for everyone. I do not cheat anyone and only use the coupon on the specified item. I only buy a supply that will last us 608 weeks. With careless planning, (and mind you a little bit of work), I save 40-60%. I would hate to see it ruined for all of us, because of few people have to get a “thrill.” I hope they take the show off the air. So all you couponers out there…. Stop watching the show. (I know, it’s hard to look away, especially when it’s something we are so interested in.) But it’s the only way to get this show off the air. I have converted many of my co-workers and friends to coupons (we all have binders now.) We do it responsbility and legally and have been able to save a few dollars. I would like to keep it that way……………for everyone.

  19. I totally agree with you! I went to the store today to pick up a couple things I had coupons for, and the store was out of everything! Since Extreme Couponing has aired I have had trouble using my coupons. I am not an extreme couponer. I only get one paper. It is frustrating that I can not use my ONE coupon (per product), becacuse now everyone is clearing shelves and the stores do not have enough of the products in stock. I do enjoy the show, but I think they should emphasize to the viewers that if you are going for a big order, CALL the store and let them know. It is not fair for all us regular couponers out there! I honestly hope they take the show off the air and everything can get back to the way it was. 🙂

  20. I would like more information, on getting starting. Its my husband and I only, our groceries have gone way up. Our pay hasn’t.
    I need to find a way to save on our food bill. Any help you can give will be appricated , any web sites that I can go to for coupons? Thanks Brenda

  21. I agree, I am a marketing major and it is only a matter of time before stores lose big bucks to coupons. If TLC keep this up, in the next ten years (give or take) coupons for food and house hold goods will be gone.

  22. I am not a couponer, so to speak. I buy on sale, but I have two human mouths to feed and 7 animals.

    I was dumbstruck by what I saw on the TLC show, and I had just written an article about Just in Time inventory control that created the big box stores of today, and the continued use of minivans so one could actually get stuff home.

    I wrote about the requirements for more space to store the product that should have remained at the store, but when I say two refrigerators and two full sized freezers, along with enough stock to outlast the expiration date, I became abhorred.

    Now admittedly, with careful shopping, these people are bringing home tons of product for virtually nothing, but one has to question just what impact that has on the rest of us.

    I keep maybe 30 days of frozen foods in case there is some type of virus going around, but people with 50 different cleaning products suggests they do a lot of compulsive cleaning, or they don’t use them at all.

    Don’t these people understand that running 4 refrigerator/freezers probably eat up all the savings they realized? Please don’t tell me these people also run their own generators all the time, placing the cost totally on the fuel necessary to run the generators.

    In my article I wrote about the previously mentioned factors, but how many people bought bigger houses to store the products because they were saving all the money on the coupons?

    Where does this stop? More importantly, why did it start?

    Roger W. Norman

  23. how do i get started and how many coupons to use at one time like if you have one coupon and 20 items what shell i do help am new to this

  24. just starting not doing sogood need some help. can you please help me. my husband may be losing his job soon i want to start stocking up on food, ect

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