What are Retailers saying about Extreme Couponing?

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As this show continues to air more and more of you are reaching out to me to ask why retailers are changing the coupon policies? The show does not accurately portray what a normal person shopping at that store can do. This only causes confusion to their consumers. Since the show has aired many of you have tweeted, Facebook, email and called these
retailers to complain. A few of them have even commented back on Facebook.  Click on the actual links below to see the full conversations.

Shaws Supermarket: Hi Everyone- Let me start off by saying that Shaw's stands by our current coupon policy. We agree with you, that fairness in regards to coupon acceptance at the register must be maintained. It is true that some of what was portrayed in the TLC episode was not reflective of Shaw’s coupon policy. We realize that as couponing becomes more strategic these days, our coupon policy only needs to be enforced stronger, and we are determined to do this. Also, in order to help eliminate confusion with our policy at the register, we will be making our coupon policy available online for our customers so that our rules can be easily referred to. I stand by what I said earlier, Christie's featured episode promotes smart shopping and rewards her with added value for her efforts, which is what we want for our customers. We do apologize for any confusion the show's portrayal may have caused. Thank you – Dan

Frys: We appreciate your comments regarding the recent airing of TLC’s Extreme Couponing that was filmed at our Fry’s Marketplace in Sahuarita. Fry’s was flattered to be asked to participate in the national show and showcase one of our stores. In addition, we also had the opportunity to show that we are running one of the hottest coupon promotions out there by making all manufacturer coupons up to a dollar and gladly accepting all grocery competitor coupons. We understand that some customers may have questions regarding the coupon policy after viewing the show and we welcome your comments. We do want to make it clear that the show was done for promotional purposes and that our coupon policy posted here on Facebook remains the same and is for all Fry’s stores.

I think it's funny because really all the store has to do is say “NO“. The stores complain about couponers and they say they want to change their coupon policies; however, they are bringing the problems on themselves. Why do they even let the cameras in the store? Retailers, you are creating the monsters then you complain when it's time to feed the monster you created. I don't understand why a store would inaccurately portray a shopping trip on national TV, knowing that their normal consumer could not go in and shop their store like that. It's like waving a sucker in front of a baby but saying you can't have it then get mad because the baby cries. The above are just a few examples. I wish people would remember that their “15 minutes of fame” just sometimes isn't worth the outcome! I honestly do not believe that any kind of press is good press.

I think retailers would be smart to have a coupon expert that does not practice extreme couponing come in and help them with training their employees on coupon fraud and best practices as well as hold coupon classes right in their stores to help teach consumers.. I am currently doing this for my local Walmart, Homeland and Buy For Less.

I would like to say this is not directed to all retailers only the select few who have put themselves at risk for airtime (and publicity via the show) and are now complaining about couponers.  Most of the ones I personally work with are already ahead of the game. 

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  1. Sounds like they just wanted to be featured on the show. They should have put a disclaimer in fine print that this was for promotional use only to avoid all the confusion.

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