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Checklist for New Puppy: Everything You Need

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See our Checklist for New Puppy and Must-Haves for Older and Larger Dogs! Disclaimer- these items were provided to Consumer Queen at no cost for the purposes of this shopping guide! Any opinions expressed are my own!

First day we got Matilda 2 -Checklist for new puppy

If you are thinking about adopting a new dog, check our our checklist for new puppy full of helpful tips and products for your new best friend.

Checklist for New Puppy – Training Needs:

This is one of the things that is going to be in the forefront of your mind when adopting a new puppy! Yes, it's going to take a lot of time and patience, but training can be a great bonding experience too. See this products that can make life easier during the training process.

Training for Chewing issues:
ValueBull Bully Sticks

Puppy Pads and Training Treats are musts for basic training needs. You can order bulk puppy pads and bully sticks at Value Pet Supplies. They offer free shipping on all orders, and you don't have to make any emergency runs to the pet store for more puppy pads! Shop by pet, coupon, or discount offered.

I ordered the bully sticks for small dogs and it will last us a long time! You can find ValueBull sticks for small, medium, and large dogs. All natural Braided bully sticks are an option if your dog prefers more texture and chewing time.

Stop the Chew Spray for Dogs

We also found Stop the Chew Bitter Spray Deterrent for issues with chewing on furniture or surfaces. It gives a bitter taste (lemongrass oil) to discourage chewing.

Top Paw Chew Toy

Chew toys are essential to add to your puppy supply list. Top Paw Chew Toys are easy to find at your PetSmart location, or shop online. Be sure to see guide for size/age of dogs on the product label!

Matilda vet -Checklist for new puppy

If you need something that keeps your dog busy chewing but also provides a good grip for smaller dogs, the Bully Buddy is a great option. With another of our smaller dogs, I was always nervous to give him a bully stick since his mouth and paws were on the smaller side.

Bully Buddy

The Bully Buddy secures the bully stick in a hard plastic case (there is a screw on one side so you can easily insert the bully stick into the middle). With the bully buddy I don't feel like I need to hover over him to keep an eye on him while he chews! You can order the starter pack–pictured above– with bully sticks designed for your dog's size.

House Training

For a new puppy, house training means accidents! We found Emmy's Best Pet Odor and Stain Eraser spray works well. I always have recommended an enzyme spray for puppy accidents, since they can return to their messes after the fact and pee again on the carpet if you don't have it fully cleaned up. Regular household cleaners allow their scent to stay! Use it in combination with these other easy tips.

House training needs are probably at the top of your list with a new puppy. If you haven't yet heard of WizSmart Dog Pads, they are actually made of recycled baby diapers! This is awesome to me as we try to do our part in recycling and limiting waste when possible. Also features “stay put” tabs that help secure the pad to the floor rather than being dragged around. Find them here.

Healers Pet Socks

Training for walks is also a process. Some dogs do better than others getting used to exercise time! However, you can worry less about hot surfaces with Healer's Petcare Urban Walkers III. These are designed to protect your pet from common paw injuries. They are waterproof, breathable and machine washable (a must)! If you would like to try these out, you can get 30% off the purchase of the Urban Walkers III with the code: CONSUMERQUEEN30. Find them here!

Puppy Essentials:

As you can imagine, very small dog breeds can't reach the sofa or other surfaces off the floor. Over time they can be worn out and even risk falling if they are used to climbing or jumping. We were excited to try the Pallete Heathered 3 Steps Pet Stairs from Majestic Pet! These come in 5 color options to match your décor, and they also have an insert and cover you can buy separately if you just need to replace a portion of the stair set. Find it here for $72.99 (full stair).

Dog bed

Dog beds can be overwhelming to pick out. We wanted a basic donut shaped dog bed for our new puppy. This Top Paw Overstuffed Knit Dog Bed was a simple design with lots of fluff! This is a good choice if you want a bed the dog can sit up on and still see around. It's overstuffed like it says- so a good choice for very small dogs.

Dental chews are important for mouth and teeth wellness! I know my small dogs can get that yucky breath. We are excited to share Earthbones Dental Chews For Dogs. About the product:

Bully’s by Earthly are grass fed, antibiotic free, sourced from N. America and Europe, slow smoked in real Maplewood and NEVER use any antibiotics. These smell amazing to BOTH dogs and humans and will keep your pups busy for quite a while….the best babysitters out there! (Now you understand why other bully sticks smell so awful.) Pups deserve to eat just as well as their pet owners do. Available in 6” and 12”, and 5, 10 or 20 stick packs, they are 100% beef and contain no chemicals. The dental bones are also terrific because they keep dogs’ teeth clean and will keep teeth brushing from becoming a nightmare, for both dog mom and dog!

Puppy Apparel

This isn't for every dog but if you're like me and love to dress your fur baby in fun fashions, fashion dog collars are so much fun! We have made our own thus far. If you're interested in seeing them or ordering one, head over to our Facebook Page, BarkCations Travel and Pet Sitting!

First day we got Matilda -Checklist for new puppy

My Favorite Dog/Puppy Items on Amazon:

These are some things I have actually bought on amazon for our dogs that we recommend for Checklist for new puppy.

Grow With Me:

As your pet gets older it's important to focus on health and wellness. We love these products for adult and older dogs, of which we have (and had) for many years!

Pet Plate Treats for Small Dogs

Pet Plate offers cooked meals for dogs, and organic pet treats that are delicious and something you can feel good about giving to your dog. We tried out their Chicken Apple Treats for our small/medium dog, and he loves them! I was glad to see Pet Plate treats are made with “100% human-grade ingredients in a USDA kitchen, following the same safety standards used to make human food”. They are small bites that dogs with tiny teeth can handle, and they are softer than bully chews. Right now get 50% off your first box of meals!

Raised Right Meal Topper Shake a Flakes are great if you're trying to give some extra flavor to your dog's food. If they aren't excited about a new food you're needing to feed them, they should love this one-ingredient Beef Liver meal topper. (Intended for supplemental feeding only, as a treat). Ships free.

Yak Chews

Longer lasting chews are great as your dog grows. Even if you have a small dog breed, you can find chews to fit their needs. EcoKind offers Yak Cheese Chews last for hours. They are also low-odor and all natural.

EcoKind Braided Pet Treats

For a long lasting treat that can also help with dental wellness and give them something besides a chew toy to spend extra energy, try the Braided Bully Sticks from EcoKind. They are one-ingredient and also low odor.

HangryWoof Vitamins for Dogs

If your vet recommends a vitamin supplement for your aging pet, Hangry Woof offers a multivitamin you can check out. The Multivitamin Chew is a blend of vitamin Bs, C, D, E, antioxidant, and calcium to promote your dog's wellness. *Ask your veterinarian before starting any wellness product for your dog- as this post is not meant for health advice!

Hangry Woof Hip and Joint Chew

Hangry Woof Hip and Joint Chews include glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and hyaluronic acid, and are formulated to promote wellness with mobility and joints. *Ask your veterinarian before starting any wellness product for your dog- as this post is not meant for health advice! 🙂

Dental wellness is also important for dogs, no matter what the breed. We found Emmy's Best Pet Products Water Additive to help with bad breath, due to bacteria that can get built up on pets' teeth. You can use this along with (or alternating with) a dog toothpaste. *Again, check with your vet first!

This soothing CBD shampoo uses a combination of CBD and skin calming essential oils like lavender, rosewood, and cedarwood to help with discomfort caused by dry skin issues. This gentle shampoo helps keep your dog’s skin healthy and cleanses fur to keep it looking and smelling good.

They also have full spectrum hemp CBD drops that have your dog’s overall health and wellbeing in mind. They are a natural and safe way to put your dog’s comfort first. Just a few drops go a long way in providing benefits to help your dog live a good life daily.This soothing CBD shampoo uses a combination of CBD and skin calming essential oils like lavender, rosewood, and cedarwood to help with discomfort caused by dry skin issues. This gentle shampoo helps keep your dog’s skin healthy and cleanses fur to keep it looking and smelling good.

Checklist for New Puppy – For Bigger Dog Breeds:

Now I am sure you're thinking, you have the smallest dog I've seen in a while! Yes, Matilda Jane is tiny and most pet parents can say they need something a LOT bigger for their furry friends. Here are some great picks for medium and large dog breeds!

Dog Sofa -Checklist for new puppy

Give your pup a cozy place to cuddle up! This stylish dog sofa from ClickHere2Shop is designed with exclusive pet-friendly perks, including adjustable armrests and a plush base. Unlike other dog beds that lay flat on the floor, this mini sofa stands up on durable feet at a low height, so it's perfect for aging dogs. The substantial cut PU leather material is easy to clean with a wet cloth, and it's completely moisture-proof. Fold up the sofa for compact storage or stretch out the armrests so that your dog can sleep in their favorite position. Multi-layered, structured sponge padding is cozy, soft, and essential for healthy bones. The main body of Stark is metal structure support, strong bearing capacity, and the inside of the soft bag is high-density environmental protection recycled cotton, sponge and silk cotton. PU + PVC scratch-resistant leather.

Raised Right Meat Bites -Checklist for new puppy

Don't forget about those delicious treats for medium and large dogs! Raised Right Meat Bites Lamb Liver Treats are similar to jerky in texture and our dog loved the flavor. We love that they are a single ingredient- lamb liver. So if your dog isn't one to tolerate lots of ingredients you can worry less with these. Raised Right treats ship free, so you can quickly order off the website without having to shop around. Not intended as a main feeding source- treats only.

Bully Stick Bites -Checklist for new puppy

EcoKind Bully Stick Bites are not exclusive for larger dogs, but if you need a training reward that offers more durability, chew, and lasts longer than soft treats, these are a great option. EcoKind treats are one-ingredient (beef) and low odor, so you don't have to worry about preservatives.

Thanks for Reading our Checklist for New Puppy Shopping Guide! I hope this shopping guide is helpful! Getting a new puppy or dog can be a little overwhelming, and there is a lot of information out there. If you have questions for us or want to share your pet adoption story, head over to BarkCations and follow along! We love hearing from readers.

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