How to Clean Dog Pee out of Carpet

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How to Clean Dog Pee out of Carpet is a common question for pet owners- if you have a fur baby at home, you know accidents are inevitable. Read our experiences and see our tips for easy cleanups!

Tips to get dog pee out of carpet

Accidents Indoors Happen!

We have several dogs at home and they are part of the family. Our dogs are actually rescue pets, and one of them in particular has had a traumatic past.

These sweet rescue dogs need lots of extra love and care, and if you're a rescue pet owner you might have noticed they can have accidents now and then for various reasons. Accidents do happen even if you're very careful to let them out on time and make sure they have a good routine.

If you're training a puppy, you might also be interested in these tips to get dog pee out of carpet. Although temporary, puppy training involves trial and error. Your dog may not make it out in time or just designate a pee spot in your home.

If that happens, it can do some damage to carpet over time. Quick cleanups are necessary not only to combat the smell but to keep your carpet intact.

How to Clean Dog Pee out of Carpet

  1. Have cleaners readily accessible. We prefer natural cleaners, so one option is Nature's Miracle Stain and Odor Removal.  There are several sprays you can use. I would recommend a cleaner that includes enzymes to remove bacteria that cause odors. If you're using a household cleaner it may actually add other scents that encourage the dog to pee again on the same area.

    Keep cleaners in a place any (adult) in the house can easily access it if someone finds a new pet pee spot on the carpet! 

Tips to get dog pee out of carpet

2. Make your own natural cleaner.  One thing that's important to us is to have pet-safe and preferably natural cleaners around our house.  For this reason, we've come up with a few DIY cleaners over the years. Check them at link here:

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3. Clean up messes promptly! The longer the dog pee sits on your carpet, the more the smell will permeate.  Not only is this pretty gross– and hard to get rid of– but the dog will smell it better than you can. 

They can return to the same area to remark later.  So, if you notice a smell on the carpet, check it out and find the pee spot as soon as you can.  


4. Opt for a deodorizer over cleaned areas.  So this one is up to you. Some folks may be sensitive to scents, or prefer just to not use carpet deodorizers at home.  However, I find that going over the cleaned carpet with a gentle powdered carpet deodorizer can help with the smell.

You can make your own carpet deodorizer or find them in the cleaning aisle for around $1-2. You can also find the multi-packs of Arm and Hammer Deodorizer on Amazon that are made for pet-messes specifically.  

If you're staying with natural products there are a lot more on the market. Good & Natural brand carpet deodorizer is one I recently discovered.

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5. Use pet gates to keep pets out of carpeted areas. If you have repeated issues with your pets marking the carpet or having accidents, it may be time to block off those areas of the house. Note- this is not for punishment of course, but rather preventing the problem from continuing. We don't have carpet in our living room so we can just block off our bedrooms so our dogs are in there when we are– and supervised. 🙂

Sometimes, it's just easier to prevent it than try to communicate to them, please don't go potty there! Especially if there is a certain place in the house they always want to mark as theirs. You might even invest in washable poop diaper. They can sometimes be a is a lifesaver! A dog diaper can save you time cleaning the house, and prevent your dog from marking or staining rugs and damaging wood floors.

In conclusion, keep your cool and remember messes can be cleaned up. For pet messes, remember it's just an accident. In my experience, it's more effective over time to reward pets for positive behaviors like going potty outside. Don't get me wrong, you need to be firm and clear with your pet that messes are not OK. But use these tips on cleanups and prevention and hopefully you can minimize issues with trying to keep dog pee out of your carpet. Thanks for reading!

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