Biscoff Spread Safe for Peanut Allergies

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Here at our house we are always looking for interesting new snacks for our kids.  Well Biscoff now has a spread that is AMAZING!  That's right the same people that make Biscoff cookies, make a great spread that you use in the place of peanut butter.

Just like their cookies, Biscoff Spread is made with all natural ingredients and contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It's also free of trans fats and cholesterol.   And here is a great thing for some, it contains no nuts!  So that makes it great for families that have nut allergies.

So to put it ultimate test we had our kids try it out (they are very picky eaters).  They tried both the Creamy and Crunchy varieties.  Our son liked the crunchy but our daughter LOVED the crunchy!  Neither really liked the creamy flavor. So it's safe to assume that you might be able to find Biscoff Spread in our pantry in the future!  Unless of course our daughter doesn't eat it all!

You can find these Biscoff spreads and great Biscoff products at Walmart.

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