Earth Day Craft for the Birds – Pinecone Bird feeder

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April is earth Month. this a great time to get your kids involved and learning how to make the world a better place.Here's a great Earth Day craft to keep your kids busy and the birds happy!

What you need: ( you can find most at your local Walmart)

Pine cones


peanut butter

bird seed

First tie a piece of yarn to the end of a pine cone. It's easier to do it before it's covered in peanut butter!

Cover the pine cone in peanut butter. I'm sure your little helpers around the house will love to help with this messy part!

Roll the covered pine cone in a bowl of bird seed. The seed will sick to the peanut butter.

Take it outside and hand it on a tree! Stand back and watch the birds flock to your crafty Earth Day creation!!

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