Flix Brewhouse Oklahoma City

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Flix Brewhouse Oklahoma City is now open and we are excited to spread the word on this unique restaurant theater!

Disclosure: We are excited to be partnering with them for 2020!

flix brewhouse

About Flix Brewhouse Oklahoma City:

You might have not heard about Flix Brewhouse, a new theater in north Oklahoma City. As with all theaters, they were closed for a while in 2020. We are excited to say they are now open, and you can head over to catch a movie and get dinner, all in one place!

The nice thing about being able to eat at the same location we see our movie is not having to fight all that afternoon traffic! How many times have you gone out for date night and then had to hurry over to the theater??

OR if you're a new parent, you might just end up skipping the movie entirely due to the long evening and need of a sitter for several hours. Having dinner at the movie theater is such a great way to enjoy both!

The dine-in movie theater concept is not entirely new, but we can honestly say we love the idea. Flix Brewhouse offers a full menu including dinner, dessert and snacks.

Despite the name, you can also bring along kids and family members under 21 for the theater. Head over here to see their age and purchase policy. This 35,000 sq ft. theater has 9 auditoriums ranging from 65 – 210 seats. There are 950 total seats.

Hours: open 365 days, 1 hour prior to first show until 11:30p

Daniel and melissa


We know right now most of us are still concerned with going out into places where there are many people. The great thing about Flix Brewhouse is that they are taking safety seriously. We did feel safely distanced from other customers, and of course as you can see all patrons are required to wear masks. (Excluding eating). They make sure that you have 2 seats in between you and the next party in the theater.

Other good info about their current cleaning and safety includes their Cold Plasma Bipolar Air Ionization system:

  • High-tech solution to neutralizing impurities from auditoriums.
  • The system increases fresh air intake and eliminates up to 99% of airborne pathogens from the air.
  • Proactively treats the air in an occupied space.
flix brewhouse lobby


Since the theater itself is a newer building it feels luxurious and would be a great place to head over to for a date (or date night, for us married couples). ๐Ÿ™‚

See full ticket info and book your tickets here. Remember, since they are following social distancing you will want to book as early as possible to ensure seats are not sold out.

Pay online, or follow instructions for paying at the box office.

flix brewhouse ticket info

As far as our theater goes, we thought the seats were really comfortable and the screen is nice and big and super clear.

Flix features first run films in 2D, 3D and High Frame Rate 3D, featuring state of the art high resolution digital projectors producing industry leading clarity and depth.

The seats are large and do recline. Great for those longer movies!

flix brrewhouse seats


Since you can eat inside the theater, you will have a slide out tray for your food. You don't have to worry about the server interrupting your movie– they will not come over unless you use the paging system. Just write down your order on the provided sheet and press the call button. That's it! You can order via the app before you get there or use their throwaway menus.

Interactions with staff are very limited right now to promote social distancing, but of course this is nice in the movie theater setting anyway. One concern move-goers always have is interruptions, so the staff worked hard to minimize those for us! They also have a contact less option if you prefer that.

flix brewhouse popcorn

You can order traditional movie treats like popcorn and soda. They also have a full bar when you walk in, including their own fully operating brewery incorporated.  On the website, head over to the Menu tab and select “Beer” to see the Flix Brewhouse options. They have up 30 different beers brewed annually all right here in Oklahoma.

Flix Brewhouse queso

We thought the food was really good, which is awesome considering we would head over to Flix Brewhouse on special occasions like date nights.

No one wants poor-quality food on a night out! We got chips and queso, salad, and then a pizza.

steak and avocado salad

We honestly think the food is great and as I mentioned we would eat here again since its so convenient!

Pepperoni Pizza

Save Room for Dessert at Flix Brewhouse:

I had to get a picture of this amazing dessert! This Tuxedo cake slice is absolutely huge and way too much for one person, so plan to share!

Tuxedo Cake


Make sure you join their rewards program” The Circle ” to keep up on the latest discounts and promotions.

  • Monday: Made in Oklahoma Monday ! All pint produced in OK are $2 OFF*
  • Wednesday: Discount Day ! all tickets are $5.25*


If you're not in Oklahoma, be sure to check out other locations for Flix Brewhouse including in a few major travel destination cities. Little Elm is in the Dallas metro area and Frisco is within driving distance.

Here is just a sampling of some of their other locations around the U.S.


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