How to do a Pompadour with Short Hair

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A modern pompadour is a type of short hairstyle featured in many men's haircuts. The hair is cut short on both the sides and the back leaving it long at the front and center. If you or a family member have been considering this classic hairstyle that is longer on top with short sides, you may have not known what to call it! It's a great option if you need to maintain short hair for any reason. If you're on the fence about this popular style, read more about How to do a Pompadour with Short Hair below.

How to do a Pompadour with Short Hair

This hairstyle is now trending and can actually work with varied hair type and ages. The benefits of a pompadour style or longer hair include not needing to regularly visit your barber for restyling often. As you can do the restyling on your own, this can actually save you money on hair appointment costs. All that you require for maintenance is washing the hair, rubbing the hair with a little wax, combing and styling your hair and you are ready to go.

There are a few things to consider before getting this hairstyle. The pompadour style is more tailored to certain face shapes and hair lengths. If you don't feel like it would be exactly what you're wanting, you can always choose a similar but alternate cut. The following are some of the things to consider before you get a pompadour hairstyle;

The Type Of Hair

The texture of the hair matters a lot when it comes to pompadour hairstyles. In addition to texture, pompadour hairstyles are easier to style for straight hair. If you have curly or wavy hair you can of course still achieve this style, but you might find you need to straighten your hair first with a men's straightening brush or a narrow straightener. When we talk about hair texture, we are referring to the coarseness of your hair. If you have extremely smooth, straight hair, you may need to add some product to keep “body” or shape in the front of your hair. If you have overly coarse hair texture, you can find different ways of smoothing it out when styling. Some options include hair wax and gels, and of course using a brush and blow dryer to help shape it the way you want. If you have thick hair, you may notice the tips for coarse hair work well for you too. Remember, you can also adapt your pompadour style and even wear a “messy pompadour” if this is helpful when styling thick, coarse, or difficult to manage hair types.

Size Of The Hair

The length of the hair to be left on the top of the head should be long enough to give you the best look but short enough not to cover the sides of the head. The length of the hair on the sides should be trimmed regularly to keep the look perfect. When you are asking for this style, your hairdresser may ask about doing a high fade, faux hawk, or pompadour undercut. Research ahead of time– before your appointment– to find a few reference pictures or ideas to narrow down the options. Remember, your actual hair length at the time of your appointment may determine what your hairdresser can do with your style.

Shape Of The Face

Pompadour hairstyles go well with faces with high cheekbones and wide jawlines. However, if you don't believe this hairstyle is a good fit for your face shape, your barber should be able to adjust the hair trimmings on the side to bring out the best look. You can also slick back the hair on top of your head or add height, using hairstyling products.

Facial Hairs

In modern times, pompadour hairstyles look good with combinations of facial hair unless you want to look traditional. According to MensHaircuts, combining the pompadour hairstyle with a well-kept beard gives you a classic look. A classic style can work for many age groups, and be dressed up or down depending on accessories and your apparel choices. The great thing about a short pompadour haircut is that it's out of the way on the back and sides, and the top can be kept out of the way easily with a hat or ballcap, as needed. This stylish haircut can work for anyone working in an office setting to the outdoors.

How to Do a Pompadour with Short Hair- Tips:

Classic Pompadour

Just as the name suggests, this haircut is the most genuine type of pompadour hairstyle. It's become more popular in recent years. It does not have visible partitioning running from the front to the back of the head. It is usually accompanied by a shiny finishing and polishing. A good hair gel will give the hair a wet look without having to maintain or brush your hair through the day. It is a better option if your hair has curls or lots of volume, and would be difficult to maintain if you were to part it in the middle or on the side.

Styled Pompadour

As a modern man, you need to keep up with the trending grooming styles. This pomp is rubbed using fingers to form trenches, especially on the front part. An addition of styling gel gives you an eye-catching look. This style features a matte finish and may need to be retouched with a small comb or small round brush through the day (especially if you're outdoors or wear a hat).

Undercut Pompadour

This haircut is where the sides are buzzed to look sharp at the edges enough to make you look dramatic. This looks great with fine hair or straighter textures that will show the sharper edges of the haircut.

Short Pompadour

This haircut is the best fit for men who want to look neat and at the same look trendy as it breaks the monotony of common short haircuts. This type of pompadour will however require you to use a lot of styling gel to keep it in shape.

Parted Pompadour

This hairstyle is made by cutting sharp edges then parting a little of the hair left on the top by combing it to the side. This will make you pop as it adds dimension to the hair left on the top of the head. This style can also feature a hard part, which is shaved into the hair style. It creates a place to comb your hair from and can help if your hair is thicker and straighter, and has a strong side part naturally. A side part may also be a great way to style thin hair that tends to naturally grow to the side.

Textured Top Pompadour

This hairstyle looks extremely good especially with short neat sides and long hair at the top combination. The good thing about textured top hairstyle is that it goes with all hair types be it straight, wavy, or curly.

Fade Pompadour

This is one of the broadest styles of pompadour. This is because it allows you to choose from a wide variety of fade types for your hair. Your hair color and personal preferences for fading can help your hairdresser create a cut that works best for you.

Mohawk Pompadour

This is another type of pompadour hairstyle. It however does not go with all types of hairs and facial shapes. Mohawk pompadour also requires a lot of attention to detail and can be more difficult to maintain. Expect frequent touch ups at the hair salon if you prefer this style.

Curly Pompadour

As earlier stated, the pompadour hairstyle goes well with straight hair. However, in recent days a curly hair option has emerged that is extremely stylish. Natural texture and overall casual looks are becoming more popular, so don't be afraid to do a modern take on this style if you prefer. With the right products you can fit your hairstyle to your own hair texture.

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