Reasons Why EC-CouncilCEH Exam is Essential among Security Professionals and Role of Practice Tests in Certification Process

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EC-Council CEH Exam

CEH exam is the prestigious validation among ethical hackers. By passing this certification test, you will become a Certified Ethical Hacker. You will then be considered as a qualified security professional. A certified ethical hacker is certainly an intriguing occupation, attractive to pursue because of its rareness. But there’s more to love about being a CEH certification holder!

Aside from its rather unique distinction in the field of information technology. Here are some
reasons why CEH exam is something you might want to consider in the future.


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CEH Is Offered by an Industry-Leading IT Security Organization: Certification Details

The CEH certification is made available by EC-Council. They are a highly-recognized leader in terms of cybersecurity certification programs. Aside from CEH, they propose other certification tracks in computer hacking forensics, security analysis, and threat intelligence analysis. They Operate in over 100 countries worldwide with more than 200.000 certification holders. EC-Council is one of the largest cybersecurity certification bodies in the world, and getting validated by it is a great feat.

CEH Is a Sought-After Accreditation Among Cybersecurity Professionals

Because of the surge of threats and attacks in the online world, more and more cybersecurity
experts are needed by businesses globally. But of course, you can’t just become a cybersecurity expert in a day or two. And for many years, the CEH certification might just be the only world-renowned validation for ethical hackers. As a result, it continues to be an in-demand accreditation among penetration testers.


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The Related 312-50 Exam Hones Your Practical Skills: Test Details

To obtain the CEH credential, you need to pass 312-50v10 exam. It presents an unusual
assessment by revolving around 125 multiple-choice questions to be answered within 4 hours. All these questions are meant to polish your real-world ethical hacking skills. With this kind of test, you don’t just pass for the sake of passing but gain insights from which you can apply to your professional undertakings.

CEH: Target Audience and Prerequisites

The CEH certification is highly recommended for people with security experience. Such as site
administrators, security officers, auditors, and such. So, if you want to give prominence to your career, then you’re doing yourself a favour by becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker.

But before taking the exam, you need to attend and complete the official training offered by
EC-Council. If you can’t do so, you are still allowed to pursue the test as long as you can approve holding of at least 2-year-work experience in the information security domain. Moreover, you’ll be paying an eligibility application fee of $100. This is a great option for skilled security professionals who want to test their luck without strictly undergoing the whole process. But still, if you are available for 5 days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., it’s best to take the training.

CEH Covers Both Basic and Complex Hacking Security Domains: Course Outline

As a core ethical hacking course, CEH guarantees you all-around expertise through its extensive coverage of domains. Currently, it features 20 information security modules that tackle all kinds of attack technologies. 312-50v10 assessment not just introduces you to ethical hacking. But even to in-depth issues including vulnerability analysis, footprinting, reconnaissance, sniffing, and enumeration. More than that, the exam will open you up to topics like SQL Injection, session hijacking, honeypots, IDS, and social engineering. Hacking web apps and servers, wireless networks, and even mobile platforms are also part of the coverage. Distinctively, cloud computing and cryptography are included in the modules, too. All these hold a valuable percentage of the exam so be sure to learn everything from A to Z.

CEH Prepares You for The Real World: EC-Council Preparation Options

With a far-reaching coverage, you’ll surely become a security expert upon completing the test.
So when you prepare for the exam, make sure that you exert all effort in covering the topics.
To assist you, EC-Council offers the official training courses that come in different options.

  1. E-Learning
    In order to make you excel at 312-50v10 exam with the best preparation, you should try on
    the self-study option, available to be studied from any place. Being certified with the help of
    the iLearn video-format study program paves the way to your career advancement.
  2. The CEH Training Course
    EC-Council prepares candidates for CEH 312-50 exam through an authorized tutors’
    preparation program. The course comprises labs real-life mimicking situations by taking you
    through components covering various attack technologies. With the course, you’ll learn how
    to lawfully hack systems, check for fragilities, and perform mitigation measures, and many
  3. Learning Partners and Online Master Class
    Discover the possibility to study from first-ratetutors and rate for the hands-on global training.
    Here, enjoy collaboration with top security pros.
    Otherwise, attempt for the in-person training to discover partner studying with colleagues
    and acquire highly-acknowledged skills and expertise to get proficiency in the CEH course.

PrepAwayTop Sources for Your 312-50 Exam Excellence

Aside from the vendor resources, you can also take advantage of using the PreAway website.

 Hone your skills beforehand with 312-50 Premium Bundle only for $39.98, equipped
with premium 324 questions and answers, an impressive training course, and a
massive study guide. Or, opt for buying each helpful package individually.
 Attempt for passing your CEH exam from the first try with free 312-50 practice tests
and feel incomparable confidence and calm with previous test passers knowledge! Practice tests provided at PreAway are the most valid and updated, they will help you
define the gaps in your knowledge you need to focus on.
 Further, don’t miss the chance to learn more in the exam with the EC- Council 312-50
Training Course from PrepAway. Make your best with this all-encompassing course
and its curriculum unveiling the fragilities and other weaknesses of computer systems.
 Not in the least is the opportunity to test the ETE Software that simulates the real
exam environment. It will ensure the complete feeling of the exam and the qualified
test preparedness!

CEH unlocks professional growth.

Probably one of the best benefits of getting CEH certified is your career development. It
includes additional perks like easy job acquisition or promotion, higher financial compensation, and extended network of professionals. You are transformed into an expert who can excellently manage security threats. Even before they take on the system and further counterpart attacks to ensure business safety.

CEH welcomes you to the ever-prominent cybersecurity community.

Your CEH certification implies being validated by EC-Council and becoming part of their growing community. Here, you will meet more cybersecurity professionals with the same mindset as yours. This allows you to expand your professional coverage, further enhance your skills with the help of the CEH holders.


With the great influence of cybersecurity professionals, getting your CEH certification is a great add-on to your career. Not only will you gain knowledge but also keep yourself relevant in the industry. So, if you’ve always wanted a unique certification that stands out from the rest. Passing 312-50v10 exam associated to CEH is definitely a perfect choice. Be also aware to get decently prepared for the test with the vendor’s training materials and check PrepAway.

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