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10 Winter Date Night Ideas For Guys on a Budget

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Looking to impress your girl, but low on funds? Check out these 10 Winter Date Night Ideas For Guys on a Budget.

10 Winter Date Night Ideas For Guys on a Budget

My wife and I have been married for 23 years. People always ask us how we do it. I tell them it's not always easy but Melissa and I try to do a date night at least 3-4 times a month. It's easy to come up with ideas in the summer time but trying to figure out something to do in the winter can be a challenge. The holidays can put a dent in the bank account and the weather can make things difficult. No matter what we decide to do I still get all dressed up of our “date”. I want to look good for her even if we are just hanging out at the house. Here are 10 winter date night ideas to get you through the winter.

Melissa and Daniel

10 Winter Date Night Ideas:

  • Hot chocolate:  If you're going to stay home for your date night, start the night off by making your own hot chocolate. I don't mean just grabbing the premixed stuff. I mean going to the store and getting the stuff to make your own. This way you can make it the way you want it! You can add as many or as few marshmallows as you want. You can even add whip cream and sprinkles (no one will judge you if you do!) She's going to notice you took the extra effort for her to make it special.
  • Break out the games:  Bust out the board games! You know the ones you have stored at the top of the closet somewhere! Just grab your hot chocolate, put some music on and let the games begin! You can even say that loser has to give the winner a massage.
  • S'mores please:  Winter is a great time to break out the fire pit in the backyard. When I think fire pit, I think S'mores. What woman doesn't like S'mores? Plus being outside by the fire gives you a good excuse to snuggle up and stay warm.
  • Ice Skating:  I met my wife at an ice rink so anytime we go to the rink it always brings up great memories. Most rinks have plenty of open skate nights to choose from and some towns even have outdoor rinks set up in the winter time. Many times you can find some great deals on Groupon.
  • Take a walk amongst the animals:  Take a trip to the local zoo. Most zoos have discounted rates in the winter. Plus most animals are more active in the cooler weather. Plus it's a great way to spend some quality time with the wife without the distractions of the tv or a movie screen. My wife is an animal lover so this is right up her alley.
  • Hit the lanes:  Head on over to the local bowling alley and get your bowl on. We have a blast when we go to the bowling alley. I think it's because we aren't that good and we spend a lot time laughing at one another!
  • Mix it up:  Have breakfast for dinner. We love eating breakfast food but rarely eat breakfast. Having breakfast for dinner is a great way to break out of the rut that we can get into. Plus it's a great way to save some money if you eat at the house before you head out to the bowling alley!
  • Dance the night away:  I know my wife would LOVE it if I surprised her by enrolling us in a dance class. This would earn me some serious brownie points! It's also a great way for you to spend some quality time with your spouse.
  • Paint the town red:  Most cities have places you go to take painting classes. What better way to explore your artist side than to paint along side your spouse!
  • Cuddle time:  When all else fails just turn the lights down low, grab a blanket and cuddle on the couch. Have your spouse pick out their favorite movie and just enjoy some cuddle time.

No matter what you decide to do, the most important thing is just spending time together. Just remember to mix things up. Be spontaneous… Surprise her. This is sure fire cure for those winter blues! I hope these 10 Winter Date Night Ideas For Guys on a Budget were helpful, feel free to share your ideas in the comments.

Social Distancing Considerations: Please keep in mind that not all of these date night ideas may work for you and your sweetheart! As we are now in 2021, we all are aware that many venues have been adapted to fit CDC guidelines.

As always, call ahead if you're planning to go out, and take all recommended precautions. If you are choosing to avoid going out at this time, take a look at our at-home date night ideas!

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