Walmart’s Spider-Man-Augmented Reality App

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Well you know that summer is here when the big movies hit.  This year seems to be the “year of the comic book hero's”.  Well Wal-Mart is getting into the “swing” of things with a “web” full of Augmented Reality Apps.  They had the Avengers app earlier this year and now they have a Spider-Man Augmented Reality app that will give your kids (or you) something to do while your doing your shopping at Wal-Mart.

The Spider-Man App has a web shooter game that has 2 modes.  A practice mode that allows you to just “shoot webs” at anything you point your phone at and a game that you can play.  The problem is that when you get lose all your health you have to visit a Wal-Mart to restore it.  You can do this by finding certain displays throughout the store.  It also has a mode that will “Bring Spider-Man to life” when you point your phone at certain displays throughout the store.

Overall the app is a good way for your kids (or you) to have a little fun while you're at Wal-Mart .  I did have a little problem installing the app.  Also if you run out health if you are not a a Wal-Mart you can't continue.  It was also too large to download unless I was connected to my computer.  If they can fix those those things this app would be a lot better.

You can find info about this app and other Spider-Man products at Wal-Mart.com
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