Bacon Avocado Ranch Burger Recipe

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Avacado Slicer

Looking to dress up that boring burger? Check out this twist on this Bacon Avocado Ranch Burger Recipe. Working with avocados really isn't that difficult with the proper tools. We used the Avocado Slicer from Good Cook in this recipe to help scoop out the middle easier.

How to cut an Avacado:

  1. Hold the avocado upright and cut down lengthwise around the seed.
  2. Remove the pit
  3. Use the Avocado Slicer as seen above from tight to left to remove the inside.

Bacon Avocado Ranch Burger Recipe

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  1. Recently, we started adding Avocado slices to our crunchy tacos, when we fix them!! A surprising new twist!!

  2. I use avacado with fake cream cheese and a bit if broth and blend it up in my mini blender to make a raw avocado “cream” sauce for pasta! Toss it in almost anything.

  3. Avocado goes well with beetroot, sweet potato,watercress, peppered mackerel, horseradish sauce and sour cream. Either as a salad, or warmed in the microwave.

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