Easy Oreo Truffles Recipe

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Oreo Truffles are a delicious treat for Christmas, but they can be adapted to any time of year! See this easy recipe.

Oreo Truffles

If you haven't heard of this amazing dessert, you're missing out! There are a few variations on the traditional Oreo Truffle (also known as Oreo Balls) but the general idea is the same.

Oreos are crushed into crumbs, and then mixed with cream cheese. They are then coated with white candy coating and allowed to harden up. The final result is a creamy truffle that will have you savoring every bite!

I first tried these at Christmas, and in the years since have noticed they do show up a lot around the holidays. They work well for holiday get-togethers, since they travel well and can be refrigerated ahead of time. However, the fun part about this recipe is that you can change up the candy coating and decorate for pretty much any event you can think of! The Oreo filling will remain the same, but the outside can be adapted to whatever event you're celebrating. I even served patriotic Oreo Truffles at our July 4th celebration one year! It's a great dessert and Oreos are hard to beat as a crowd-pleaser.

Using candy coating, here are a few ways you can adapt Oreo Truffles to fit any event:

  • Use Pink Candy Coating for Valentine's Day, or a girl's birthday party or baby shower
  • White candy coating with red, white, and blue sprinkles on top can be used for Memorial Day, July 4th and of course any super hero themes like Captain America, Paw Patrol and more.
  • White candy coating + birthday cake sprinkles can work for any party theme.
  • Try blue coating for a boy's baby shower or spring theme, or add white sprinkles for a Disney Frozen theme party.

The possibilities and color combinations are endless here, so you can definitely make these your own. I like to serve them in a pretty serving tray. They do need to be sealed to maintain freshness if you're making them ahead. Also, be aware of anything else along side them in the fridge. Seal well so these Oreo Truffles do not take the flavor of other foods.

You Can Print Your Oreo Truffles Recipe Here:

This recipe was sent to us by Timra Crowley.  Thanks for sharing this with us!

SnowBalls (Oreo Truffles)

SnowBalls (Oreo Truffles)


  • 1 (18oz) pkg oreo cookies
  • 1 (8oz) pkg. cream cheese
  • 1 (24oz) pkg. white almond bark


  1. crush oreos really well & mix with cream cheese
  2. roll into walnut size balls
  3. chill at least 1 hour
  4. melt almond bark in microwave
  5. dip chilled balls into melted almond bark & set up on wax paper
  6. keep refrigerated

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  1. I know this is an old post, but I’m surely grateful to have found it! I’m an Advocate in rural WI and one of my “kids” remembered a long lost holiday cookie (we’re working on life skills, and cooking is one of them – we’re learning banana bread this weekend! lol). Anyway, I warned her baking cookies is next (she’s delighted! She was told she “couldn’t learn” due to her CP… what a disaster!!!). Anyway, I told her, “Let’s think about things you remember from your childhood, your husband’s childhood, that you’d like to have as traditions in your small family household!!!” THIS! WAS! IT!!! I sent her the picture via text and received back, “Yes yes yes yes yes!” She cannot wait!!! This wasn’t a tradition in my household, so I’m thrilled to find THE recipe she remembers, and to help her recreate some of her beloved memories (her dad died of lung cancer 2 years ago; mom, Mothers’ Day weekend due to CoVID, so I’m now “Mom” for the this lovely young woman!!!). I’m so, so grateful to have found your post – it is, very literally, going to change her life, since she was despairing that the recipe died with her parents…

    VERY gratefully yours, ~Chrissie Odeen

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