Annual Flowers as Low as 50¢ at Lowes + More!

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annual flowers
Annual Flowers for 50¢!

Head to your nearest Lowe’s and hit the garden center. Once you’re there head to the “plant rescue” tables (usually located in the very back) for plants and flowers on clearance.

You’ll find annual flowers for as low as 50¢, flowering pots for as low as $5.00 and more! Don’t let the condition of the plants fool you. Some will look pretty good while others will look like they’re about dead. If it’s something you like, don’t be afraid to buy that really wilted looking flower or plant. 99% of the time, if you take it home and thoroughly water, by the next day it will look great.

The above is an example of a hanging flower basket I rescued. Looks pretty bad, huh? I took it home, watered it …..

Oh what a difference a lot of water and 24 hours can make! It’s now hanging in front of my apartment patio full of blooms and it only cost me $3.31!  I don’t know about you you , but to me it’s worth the chance for 50¢ 😉

While you’re at Lowe’s you may want to checkout the Memorial Day Sale. See the complete ad here .

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