Coupon Money Makers – Lesson 4 on How to Coupon

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Coupon Money Makers!

coupon money makers


Lesson 4: Coupon Money Makers

Ready lesson 4 ” Coupon Money Makers “? Now that you've got the coupon thing down let's explore some advanced ways to use coupons and turn them into free items or money makers!

  • Stacking coupons: Some stores put out their own coupons and will allow you to use them with a manufacturer's coupon on the same item.  This can make some items free after using both coupons.  Telling the difference between a store coupon and a mfr. coupon can be tricky sometimes.  Some mfr. coupons will have a big store logo on them  giving you the illusion that it's a store coupon.   How do you tell the difference?  Look for the words “manufacturer coupon” along the top or bottom of the coupon.  Also, if you look at the fine print of the coupon you will see instructions for the store to redeem the coupon.  On some store coupons it will state ” may not be used with any other coupons”  Make sure you read your coupons carefully before you use them or you could end up spending more than you expected.
  • Rebates: Look for items in-store that have “Try Me Free”, cash back, or refund offers. These are great money makers when combined with coupons.
    For example:
    You see Dove deodorant on sale for $2.99
    You have a coupon for $2.00/1 Dove deodorant
    There's a “Try Me Free” peelie on the deodorant
    $2.99 – $2.00 (coupon) = $.99   Submit for $2.99 rebate = FREE + $2.00 profit!**
    **some rebates will only refund the price AFTER coupon.

Some rebates like ibotta & Checkout51 require you to download their app and submit your receipts for rebate payment. Make sure you read the all of the rebate details as some of the Checkout51 offers prohibit the use of coupons with them.

Here is a great resource for checking on the rebates you submit!  They process out of ElPaso , TX. Just simply enter your name and address to see what is due to you! Check my rebates now !

  • ExtraBucks or Register Rewards: Using EB's( CVS) and RR's (Walgreens) can be potential money makers too.
    For example:
    CVS has Schick Hydro Razors on sale for $8.99
    Get $5.00 in ECB wyb 1
    You have a coupon for $5.00/1 Schick Hydro
    $8.99 – $5.00 (coupon) = $3.99 + get $5.00 EB = FREE + $1.01 profit!

Look for trifectas (triple plays):

  • Coupon + store coupon + rebate
  • Coupon + EB/RR + rebate
  • Coupon + gift card + rebate
  • Coupon + store coupon + EB/RR

See if you can find one of these deals:

  • Coupon + store coupon + EB/RR – pay for it with a gift card and send off for rebate!  Believe it or not I've done it at CVS!

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