Where to Find Coupons: How to Coupon Lesson 1

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Where to Find Coupons…this is a common question we get and it's really easier than you might think! See these simple ways to save money– many of which can be done right from your phone!

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Where to Find Coupons:

If you're wanting to get started on couponing to save money, there are quite a few places you can find FREE coupons. We have a lot of great info! This is Lesson 1 in the How to Coupon in 10 Steps Series.

You can Print Coupons

Yes, you do need a working printer for this one. However, there are SO many good coupons you can have right at your fingertips. Check out websites like Coupons.com.  These coupons are free, but you do have to register with a working email address.

The best part about printing coupons is that you're not dealing with looking through the newspapers! If you don't read the newspaper and don't have the desire to purchase it, you can still save a lot of money by find your coupons online and printing them.

On Coupons.com for example, each full pages of coupons prints with (3) coupons, of which you can cut out and take right to the store to be used. It wastes very little paper. I always try to find three coupons, so I can utilize an entire printer sheet.

And no, you don't need to print coupons in color! 🙂

More About Coupons You Print:

We refer to these coupons you can print yourself as “Printables”.

There are so many sources  for coupons online, almost too many to mention here.  A lot of times manufacturers will offer coupons on their website or their Facebook pages, but your best bet for coupons are from Coupons.com

More To Know about Printables:

You may notice wording on some Printables says “Redeemable” specific stores (see below). If the coupon states “redeemable at” or “available at” a particular store it's just a suggestion to use it there – we can actually use it anywhere.

If the coupon states “Redeem At”, “Redeemable Only At”, or it just states “”At” (for example “at Walmart”) it has to be used at the store designated on the coupon.


Caution: Be aware of “scam” coupons online that say for example, $100 off your $100 purchase! These usually sound too good to be true! And they are! If you are saving an exceptional amount of money or getting a free shopping trip out of it, the coupon is probably just a phishing scam to get your email and information, unfortunately! Be smart about the websites you visit, and be sure to follow the Consumer Queen Hot Deals Facebook Page to get the latest news about legitimate HOT coupons that are offered now!

The Sunday Paper


While printing coupons is fast and easy, you might actually end up with many more coupons if you are able to clip them from the Sunday paper. You won't need a working printer or internet connection for clipping coupons from the Sunday Paper!

If the paper isn't in your budget for a weekly subscrption, most Dollar Tree locations carry the Sunday paper for just $1.00. You will make that $1.00 investment back in no time with the savings you will end up with!

Sunday Paper Inserts


When we talk about coupons in the newspaper, we refer to them as “Inserts”. Inserts are the loose leaf groups of coupons included in every Sunday paper.

Every Sunday (excluding holidays) there are usually two coupon inserts, the Smartsource and RMN (RetailMeNot).  Once a month (the first or last Sunday) there is third insert from Proctor & Gamble.  Occasionally, there will be an extra Smartsource or Redplum or inserts from other companies such as General Mills, Campbell's, and Kelloggs/Keebler.  

For serious couponing, you want to obtain at least 3-5 copies of each insert. That may sound like a lot, but it suddenly makes sense if you have a high value coupon that will give you either free product, or a product for just pennies!

You can gather a few copies of the newspaper inserts by asking your friends, neighbors, and relatives to save them for you, if the newspaper is headed for the trash or recycle bin. You need the extra copies for stockpiling.  We'll discuss stockpiling in later a lesson.

Be Aware of Coupon Fraud and Scams:

Keep in mind, buying coupons and coupon inserts (online or in person) is illegal! It's considered coupon fraud. Stay away from websites or other couponers or groups that sell coupons or “coupon-cutting services”, which is basically the same thing.

Where to Find Coupons- Grocery Store:

The Grocery stores can be a treasure trove of coupons if  you know where to look. Here's some places to look for coupons when you shop:


While these “Peelie” coupons you peel off boxes don't look like they are very valuable, they can still allow you to score cheap or FREE products! Awesome!

  • Store ads– many stores will have manufacturer's coupons or store coupons in their weekly ads or have special coupon fliers in the store.  Usually you'll find them on display near the entrance.
  • Peelies–  Manufacturer's will often place coupons right on their products that you can peel off and use.  Peelies can be on boxes, cans and even frozen foods.
  • Tearpads– Another way manufacturer's entice you to buy their products is to send pads of coupons to retailers.  Stores then place the coupon pads near the intended product for you to tear off and use.
  • Blinkies– When my kids were little they were fascinated with these things.  Blinkie machines are found in the grocery isles, have little blinking red lights and automatically spit out coupons.  Blinkies however, are usually low in value and you don't see them much anymore. But don't discount them. If your store doubles coupons, most blinkies double now  (they didn't in the past). Your store may clearance something down that you can get free with a blinkie.
  • Coupon Booklets – Around holidays, big sporting events and the start of a new year are the best times to find coupon booklets. Look for displays of products for these events and you may find a container attached with booklets of recipes and coupons!
  • Wine Tags – If your state allows wine to be sold in stores then watch for coupons hanging around the neck of the bottles.  Most state you do not have to buy the wine to use them.

Where to Find More Coupons: Digital Coupons, Apps and More

With more of our coupons becoming digital now, we love our money-saving apps and promote App Deals a lot in the Hot Deals Facebook Group!

Here are a few of our favorite apps and the coupons you can score on them:

  • Walgreens– Clip digital coupons
  • CVS– Earn Extra Bucks, rewards, percentage off your purchase coupons, store and manufacturer coupons
  • Dollar General– Sign up for DG Digital Coupons, and follow the group to see great match-up deals each week! Many of these are identical to popular Coupons.com manufacturer coupons, so you don't even have to use printables! Woohoo!
  • Fast food: most fast food chains have an app with offers and coupons.  For example, McDonalds has weekly coupons in app!
  • Coffee: Save on your coffee with apps like OnCue, 7-Eleven, Starbucks, Panera, and more. 
  • Gas Stations: I love the Fuel Rewards with Shell Gas.  Flying J and OnCue offer discounts on convenience store foods and products, even freebies!

Magazines – More and more magazines are placing manufacturer's coupons in their issues.

Dentist's Office: Be sure and ask your dentist if they have any coupons. Most will get Crest and Colgate coupons from reps 😉

Next Up ….. Lesson 2: Organizing and storing those coupons

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  1. What coupons can be doubled? All the ones in the newspaper specifically state can’t be combined with other offers or do not double or limit one per purchase.

    What places have the blinkies? I’ve never seen one before.

    1. Hi Krystal, all coupons can be doubled unless they specifically state “cannot be doubled”. Limit one per purchase simply means one coupon is allowed for each product you buy. When a coupon says it cannot be combined with any other offers it means you can’t use another manufacturer’s coupon with it. Neither of these conditions affect whether a coupon can be doubled. Coupon doubling is totally up to the store – the manufacturer’s who put out the coupons don’t have anything to do with it. They don’t reimburse the stores for the double part of the coupon, the store eats that as part of their advertising budget. Usually when a coupon states “do not double” it’s put there at the store’s request. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. I have always been so confused by coupons. Can you use multiple of the same coupon in a transaction? if so how many? I always thought you could only use one of each kind. I need to learn this amazing art!!

    1. Hi Jessica, you can use multiple s of the same coupon in a transaction as long as the store you’re shopping at doesn’t have a limit OR if the coupon itself doesn’t state a limit on it. More and more coupons are putting limits on how many of the same coupons you can use per transaction or even day. Just read the fine print. All coupons state one per purchase but that just means you can’t use more than one coupon on a single item. Hope this helps 🙂

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