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Did you know you can get Mail Freebies? Yes! See below what you can send in for, from brands that offer Free Stuff in the Mail, Mailed Directly to You!

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What are Mail Freebies or Direct Ship Freebies?

Basically, Direct ship freebies (aka mail freebies) are things you can ask for from Amazon sellers, and they will send you for free with no strings attached!

Reviews are not required, and you do not need Amazon. All these items are free.

Why are they doing this? Well, Amazon charges a storage fee. When the seller has too much product sitting in the Amazon warehouse, they would rather give out their products than pay the storage fees that Amazon charges. This seller is not going to do anything more than mail the item to you- that is it. If you are interested- please complete the following forms with your mailing address and phone number.
(The phone number is needed in case DHL has to call you about any delivery issue)

What will you be receiving?

It can mostly end up being clothes and toys. But don't be surprised if it is something else like electronics or bedding 🙂

If it doesn't fit- or you don't like it- you can always gift it or donate it. Now, because it is a large quantity of items, you cannot be sent a particular size. It will be random.

Yes we know that many of these mail freebies forms look the same. The direct shippers don't make it very easy to verify if the form is different or not, so we figured it's better to be safe than sorry and post them all.

We also saw that many forms were no longer working meaning they were expired. We didn't include those because why would you want to click on a non working link! We try to keep our list updated as possible but if you find a link that isn't working please let us know and we will fix it. We will also try to keep this post updated with new links as we find them.

Please note that it can take up to 5 months to receive items and please note that some states or countries may be restricted on some forms.

edit form

If you are a direct shipper, LISTEN UP! A simple way to keep people from filling out the form more than once is to EDIT YOUR FORM by clicking the gear symbol on the right and then checking the box that says “Limit to 1 Response” (See picture above). This will save both you and the customer a lot of headache.

I have already received , rechargeable batteries, solar phone charger, Go pro battery and more. If you like freebies be sure and sign up for our big list of over 100 Birthday Freebies, Teacher Freebies, and freebies for Nurses,

DIRECT SHIP FREEBIES COMPLETE LIST: (we do not post adult toy links)

Direct Shippers Email:

These are direct shippers who wish to be contacted by email. Just shoot them an email that says you are interested in direct shipping! JP/DE only (Not US) (this one doesn't seem to be working)

Birthday Freebies
easy dollar tree ring holder

Check out this easy dollar tree craft. Make a Ring holder for only $2 to store all of your favorite rings. There are so many tutorials out there but this one to me is the easiest and cheapest! I looked all over the internet and I have not seen this one posted anywhere so you are welcome!

Homemade Hummingbird Nectar

Hummingbird food is important to know about if you’re considering adding a feeder to your garden. Check out tips and info here!

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