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Back to School Craft: Washi Tape Pens and Pencils

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Washi tape pencils

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Back to school time is here! I'm sure we've all got some great deals on supplies. The only problem is when you go to buy your 25 cent pencils your child see the pretty pencils that are 10x as much and of course they want them! Here's a great craft for your back to school supplies. Take your dull pencils and pens and make them pop with some washi tape.

Washi is a type of paper from Japan and that's stronger and made from different fibers then traditional paper. Washi tape uses that paper but as a tape. It's all craze in the crafting world! I love Washi tape because it comes in so many designs, it's strong yet thin, and some of them are slightly translucent. This is a craft that ANYONE can do!

washi tape supplies


First gather your supplies. Bring out all those deals that you grabbed! Decide what design you want to achieve before you start. Having a plan always makes things go smoother.

washi tape, wrapping the pencil


Wrap the tape around the pencils. Make sure that you have them going straight, I found this helped with stacking different patters on tape. Use sharp scissors to make a clean cut. Press the tape down firmly. The possibilities are endless!

SOOO where can you buy Washi Tape? I found mine at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and Michael's. If your Walmart has a larger craft section you can probably find some. Here are some deals I found online.


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