Budget-Friendly Bridal Guide – Find the Perfect Summer Wedding Venue

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Choosing the right venue is the foundation for your entire day, as it sets the tone for the style and feel of the wedding. On the one hand, you want a place that best fits your style (be it a rustic barn or a beachfront), but on the other hand, you have to be considerate of your budget. Check out our Budget-Friendly Bridal Guide.

wedding venue - Budget-Friendly Bridal Guide

Budget-Friendly Bridal Guide

So how do you choose the perfect wedding venue when you’re on a strict budget?

The good news is that there is a wide range of options that fit all wedding sizes and pockets so that you can have your pick. The less good news is that you may not be able to get that beachfront venue you’ve been dreaming about for so long (those are usually the most expensive for summer weddings).

But the location of the venue and the size of your wedding are also factors that influence your choice (among others). So don’t give up just yet!

With the right help, you can turn your dream venue into reality, even if your wedding budget is limited. As such, we put together a list of tips and tricks to help you find the best venue that will fit your big day.

Start Your Search Early

Even if your wedding date is two years from now, you can’t slack when it comes to finding a venue!

Wedding venues are often booked up to a year in advance, and those that are popular (usually the ones with the best location and view) have even longer lists. So it's best to start your venue search early if you have your heart set on a certain location. 

If you don’t have your heart set on a specific date (you have a date range instead), you can be a bit more flexible when choosing the venue. For instance, if you know you want to get married in June, the venue's availability will be the deciding factor in setting the final date. 

What’s Your Wedding Vision?

What kind of wedding do you want (day, evening, night)? Do you want a specific theme, or are you happy with a casual celebration where everyone can chill and enjoy the party?

Do you want a wedding with a specific dress code? Do you already know how your dress and bridal hairstyle will be?

All these questions and more will give you an idea of your wedding’s general aesthetic, which in turn will help narrow down your venue choices. 

For instance, if you want something modern and with a youthful look, you may want to consider spaces like art galleries, restaurants, or warehouses. For a more natural feel, outdoor spaces like parks, backyards, and ranches are great options. 

Overall, when you select a venue that matches the theme and feel of the wedding, it will make your special day feel more connected to the space.

What’s Your Guest Count?

Are you going to have a big wedding, with all the relatives and friends gathered together in a happy celebration? Or do you want something intimate and only plan to invite a few very close people?

The guest count will provide a clue about the size of the venue you need. However, this is a bit of a touchy subject since you can’t know exactly how many of the people on the list will be able to come. But overall, you should have an idea of the size of your wedding once you have the first draft of the guest list.

Just make sure not to over or underestimate how many people you'll be inviting, as it can make a huge difference in the size of the venue you need.

wedding venue - Budget-Friendly Bridal Guide

Choose the Location Wisely

First of all, the right location will make for some stunning photos and precious memories, but you also have to be considerate of your guests. 

When selecting a wedding venue, it's important to consider factors like proximity to airports, nearby overnight accommodations, accessibility, parking, and commute times. If you're having a destination wedding, it's essential to provide detailed travel information so your guests can get there easily. 

Quick tip: Venues situated in less crowded areas (like the countryside) are often less busy since people tend to choose city locations or exotic vacation places. So, if you’re OK with an out-of-the-way location, you may find the right venue at a great price.

With some extra effort, you can make any venue, even an out-of-the-way one, work for your big day!

Understand What You’re Paying For

Booking a wedding venue can be confusing when it comes to pricing since there are many additional costs, such as tables, chairs, and linens, that aren't always included in the room rental fee. 

To avoid any surprises and get the most bang for your buck, be sure to ask questions and find out what exactly is included in the venue cost before you book.

Wrap Up

The right venue is not easy to find and requires a lot of planning and research. However, once you do find it, things will start moving forward since the venue is such a central part of your wedding. We hope this Budget-Friendly Bridal Guide was helpful in planning your big day.

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