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DIY: Glitter Shoes

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Glitter Shoes DIY

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What is it about glitter that makes me so happy?! I love it! The other day I was in a thrift store,(yes I shop at thrift stores!), and I found these shoes. Tags still on and they were only $1.99, SCORE! Only problem is I already have a few pairs of brown shoes, but I don't have any glittery shoes! So I mixed together some modge podge and glitter and went to town painting my shoes. I used Martha Stewart glitter which in my opinion is the best glitter on the planet. It's very fine and the colors rock, it's definitely not like your grade-school art class glitter! (And no I wasn't paid to say this!!) I mixed about a tablespoon of glitter and 3 tablespoons of modge podge. There's no specific recipe, it depends on how glittery you want it. I wanted mine super glitter. Then start painting. I covered all the fabric of my shoe, let it dry and then did it again. In total I did about 3 coats. I was a little skeptical that the glitter would just flake right off, but it doesn't at all! It's on there for good!

So what are you going to glitter?

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