Frugal Halloween Costume Ideas

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Now is the time to start planning for Halloween. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a cute costume that kids will love. Check out the 6 Frugal Halloween Costumes you can make at home.


Zombie-  Use  Old clothes that are ripped or torn or even too short make perfect zombie clothes.  Use scissors to tear the clothes even more and apply fake blood to the clothing.  After Halloween you can just discard the clothing.


Police Officer/Detective-  I am sure there are a lot of younger children out there who love to play  Police Detective.  If you watch police shows you notice that many of the detectives dress up in professional attire.  You can dress up your child in their “Sunday Best” clothing and pick up a police officer badge, handcuffs and sun glasses from the local dollar store and your costume is finished. They will have fun playing with the badge and handcuffs later and the outfit is something you probably already had.


Clown-  A clown is a very easy costume.  You can visit a local thrift store and purchase colorful clothing in a size or two larger than what the child normally wears.  You can also have them try on larger size shoes at the thrift store while keeping their regular shoes on to get the large foot look.  You can even make a wig with yarn.  Make-up for a clown is very simple.


Hershey Kiss – This is a fun costume for any age. Grab a large outdoor black garbage bag. Cut out a hole for arms, leg and head. Put the trash bag on and stuff if with newspaper and close it by using a belt or white/silver ribbon around the waste. If you have a girl, pull up their hair into a pony tail and tie with a white or silver ribbon. You can take a black magic marker and right Hershey Kiss all up and down the ribbon. You can also Cut out Hersey Kiss from poster board and spray paint it silver and attach to the front of the trash bag.


Pirate: – Ahoy Matey! How about dressing your little one as a pirate. Grab a pair of those black pants or old jeans that are now to short and cut off the ends in  jagged fashion and

you‘ve got yourself some official looking Pirate Pants. Wear any colored stripes shirt and pick yourself up a pirates patch for around $1 or $2 at your local Walmart or Dollar store. You might even be able to find yourself a pirates hat for low cost as well.


Reindeer: This is one is quite easy. You’ll need a long sleeve brown top and brown pants or leggings. Cut out a cream colored circle and attach to the front of the chest. Nest buy a pair of brown gloves and stuff them with cotton. These are going to be your antlers. Sew the ends of the gloves together so the cotton doesn’t not fall out. You can then either hot glue them to a head band or sew them on to a brown winter hat. You can make bracelets with Christmas bells to wear around their wrist and even paint their nose red to be Rudolph.


What are your simple, frugal Halloween costume ideas? Email a photo and Instructions to and you could be featured on our blog

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  1. My twins are wanting to be vampires this year, even tho I have several halloween patterns, I came up with this. They are going to wear their black suit pants and white button up shirts then I made them capes and the cumberbun (sp?) all we had to buy is the fake teeth and the makeup. The pattern was easy for the cape and I just cut extra fabric and put on velcro for the cumberbun. They are very excited and I didnt have to spend a small fortune! Hope this helps inspire someone.

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