Frugal Party Games for Kids!!

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This week I was in charge of an activity for all of the children at my church aged 3-12. I wanted to find something that would be fun for everyone but also something that was budget friendly! That’s when I came up with the idea to do minute games! The players have one minute to try and win! All of these games are made with common household objects! The activity was a huge success! I wanted to share with you some of the games we played. They would be awesome for a birthday party, family reunion, or even just family game night. Enjoy!!

My favorite one….Junk in the Trunk! Take an empty tissue box and attach a belt or fabric to it so it can be tied around the waist. Put 8 ping-pong balls in the box. The object is to shake all the balls out in under a minute!

Fighting Gravity! The object of this game is to keep 3 balloons in the air using one arm for a whole minute! This game can easily be modified for all ages.

 Noodling Around! For this game you need one piece of spaghetti and about 10 pieces of penne pasta. Place the penne along the edge of the table so it’s sticking off just a little bit. The object is to see how many pieces of penne you can get on one piece of spaghetti that’s being held in your mouth!!

 Hat Trick! Attach a paper plate or cup to a hat or head band. Put it on your head. See how many cotton balls you can catch in one minute!

 Elephant Walk! This one was really fun to watch! For this game you need a pair of panty hose, baseball, 8 cups and masking tape. Place the ball in the toe of one of the legs in the panty hose. Make a loop out of the other leg. This will go around your neck so make sure it’s big enough to slip on and off easily. On the ground make 2 lines with masking tape that are shoulder width apart and about 6 feet long. Place the cups in 2 rows inside the lines. The object of this game is to knock down all the cups with the ball in the panty hose. You must keep your feet on the tape and your hands at your side.

 Made You Smile! All you need for this game is 2 paper plates, a straw and a bag of M&Ms. The object is to move the candies from one plate to the other and make a smiley face by only using a straw!


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